Antitrendy : it does not need to dress up in winter 2015

Fashion rushes forward, and keep track of its volatile favorites sometimes not easy.But certainly in your wardrobe there are things that have frankly not fashionable for many years, even though you do not want to part with them ...

declare 2015 the year of farewell to the past - get rid of all superfluous and irrelevant!Introducing basic antitrendy winter 2015, which is better to forget.

Shapeless jackets

This versatile and warm clothes that hide all the shortcomings of the figure (by the way, and dignity too).But the jacket can be incredibly feminine that has successfully proven designers in anticipation of this winter.The fitted silhouette, fur, and quilted inserts, asymmetrical zipper, the original belt - fashionable elegance in all its manifestations.

Leather jackets with faux fur

Designers recognize this combination of bad taste.If fur - it is only natural.Forget also about fur waistcoats, worn over leather jacket - it is unequivocal antitrend winter 2015.

Brutal elements

Despite the fact that fashion this year welcomes top women's clothing men's styles, from the frankly brutal elements should be discarded.Spikes, chains and rivets on leather jackets - all safely go to the farthest box (waiting for the next "coming" like fashion) and acquire jacket, black leather jackets with a restrained decor.


say good-bye with pink fur coat and "ears" on obodochkah.Down with rhinestones and paetki on jackets, shoes and other accessories!Dress in the style of Barbie can afford only the girls who have not yet come out of the age when they can play these same dolls.Tasteless glamor long since been replaced with stylish elegance.By the way, the style of "glamor" has its roots in the 30s, where women admired artificially created scenic images Hollywood film heroine.And luxury movie stars of the time were the standard of femininity!


What kind of elegance can be a question if you are wearing ugg boots?Did you pay attention to the girls walk in such shoes?Adoption of women of fashion in our country this shoe trend has led to numerous imitations, which quality is simply disgusting.Today it antimodny litter - straight to landfill.

varnished boots heels

winter of 2015, this shoe you will not look fashionable, and vulgar.Boots with high tops, pins, sharp toes - are all present on the fashion catwalks this season, but in a more modest and romantic design.

Warm cap with rhinestones

Headdress, once found its resting place in the wardrobes of glamorous fashionistas, is no longer relevant.If you prefer a sporty style or you are incredibly similar model, note the concise versions with a minimum of appliqu├ęs, prints, sparkles.Let this be a one-color product.Also in the trend combination of materials - leather cap with fur trim.

fur hats with earflaps

This is not just not fashionable - it's not even modern.The same applies to the fur hat-Shaping - do not need to wear them to demonstrate the viability of your grandmother.

once slender woman with fine features looked in such caps is quite elegant, but today the fashion dictators offer us a model soft, flowing forms and the combination of fur with leather.

Lacquer bags

Harvesting away and this antitrend winter 2015.We select handbags made of leather or suede, faux leather or nubuck.Not losing position reptile skin bag various colors.

bandage dress-

When choosing a New Year's dress also do not want to be trapped.Dress-style bandage Herve Leger fashion house is no longer relevant.This stems from the many fakes that putting a woman does not correct figure, and vice versa - cruelly disfiguring her.

Exclude evening and cocktail dresses, bares an impressive part of the skin - with cutouts on the sides, thighs, too deep neckline front and back.

If you find it difficult to be fashionable in your power not to be fashionable!Avoid these antitrendov obzavedites reputation and owner of good taste.