Pants - Spring 2010 (fashion today)

pants are always in the limelight at fashion shows.And the most stylish pants - the ones that just sit on the waist.However, how many people, so many opinions.So take a look at the pants from the side.Cropped pants come to an end between the knee and ankle.They are only suitable long-legged girls, because they share the legs horizontally, thereby visually shortening them.This style goes well with long topom or fashionable knitted ceychas free riding.To look feminine, do not wear short pants with boots to the knee.

Slacks are perfect for tall women.Low beauties better to abandon them.This style gives the impression of a fuller figure and shorten the legs.And if you wear high heel stable under slacks, and so that only a sock peeking shoes - feet will seem even longer.Girls who prefer the style of Marlene Dietrich, with the trousers best worn loafers without heels, ballet flats or athletic shoes.

Trousers with high waist and an excellent look at the high, and on the tiny girl with a figure of "hourglass"

, but women with pear shapes in the form of a worn cover is not recommended, as they emphasize the waist and hips.Remember, most importantly, to maintain the correct proportions of the figure.

If you have enough self-confidence to wear pants with a high waist, then combine them with a short blouse or top.With a long roomy sweater, they'll look exactly the same as regular pants.

Tight to the knee and flaring trousers are suitable for women of any form, as the feet are aligned and create the impression of gentle bends.

Pants such beautifully cut look like with shoes with heels, and on a flat sole.But pay attention to the length - they should almost touch the floor.For these pants perfect now fashionable blazer.

trousers with an interesting name, "second skin" the most fitting shape.They look amazing on the tiny girl.Fuller women need to know that these pants emphasize the forms.

to create the image of classic trousers with such style, you can wear court shoes with rounded toes, or high-heeled shoes.

Corrugated top and tapering to the ankle pants suit and high, and young women.Free cover up will allow them to wear to all those who want to hide under your trousers tummy, wide hips but they only accentuate.

Pleated pants look good with low boots or shoes on the platform.Free-fitting jacket or top profitably complete image.