Svitshot : what it is and what to wear ?

Svitshot got on the podium of the sport, where he settled in the 1920's as a favorite of athletes and players in need of light clothing.

Since svitshoty now and then flashed on the famous athletes in the film and on the sports field, gradually getting out beyond them and taking to the streets and runways.And now, after nearly a hundred years long journey, svitshot recognized as an indispensable attribute of trendy, fashionable image.

"Svitshot - a free cut sweater of thick knitted fabric, which has a small indoor round neckline and raglan sleeve cut."

As a rule, on the collar, cuffs and bottom of the belt, there svitshota gum.But no zippers, buttons, and even decorative buckles on svitshote not.As there is no hood - a sign hoodies.

Svitshot fits perfectly into the demi-season wardrobe, though variants of the summer are also available.Winter model inside insulated fleece or fleece are from the pile.Warms svitshot no worse than wool sweaters, but the view is much more elegant.

svitshot How to wear

Despite the obvious sporting roots, today svitshot more closely associated with the style of casual and is a basic thing, without which it can not do in the locker room.

Its advantage is not only in the aesthetics and warmth: svitshot and more easily combined with many things, both from the classical framework, and in the background of the highlights of the wardrobe.

Aerobatics style - multi-layer images - with svitshotom go with a bang, that pleases many fans to dress both useful and beautiful.

How to enter in svitshot wardrobe, what to wear?

Shirt .Classical, with a rigid collar with pointed tips, or casual - from jeans, Cotton, Viscose, which will peek out from under svitshota, creating a relaxed way.It can be self-colored, bright or dark, and may have a print in the form of cells, peas, strips.

Jeans-skinny .It seems that this is just a classic combination: a loose-fitting top surround svitshota and tight jeans, emphasizing the slender legs.This shoe fits any - from the graceful feminine shoe-boats to medium-sized heels or high heels to sneakers or sneakers (by the way, a wonderful way to complete a busy day of running around).It looks all the same stylish and cute.

Jeans boyfriend .This option is a little more controversial, he will go mostly slender girls and those who are friendly with a pin.High heel and gracefully exposed ankle enrich the surround, in general, image, femininity and fragility.Jeans better tuck the bottom.It is better to choose a monochromatic svitshotu original bottom - for example, with an abundance of metal accessories, frayed and torn in places.

narrow black pants or leggings .Works the same effect as with jeans, skinny, that's just better to pick up shoes poizyaschnee.At least a small heel will look noble, but the whole image will come out relaxed.

Leather skirt to the knee or midi - beautiful strict option, which will solve the problem of stylish clothes for the office everyday life.Game textures - tight jersey and leather - provide an interesting combination, although the onion knock out format Friday dress code.

mini skirt or shorts company with svitshotom provide a great emphasis on the legs.This shorts or skirt can be made of any fabric - denim, wool, velvet and even chiffon.If svitshot solid, the tights, you can choose to print or bright colors - it is even more draw attention to the legs.But keep in mind that their length and shape must be if such experiments are not ideal, but at least normal.

skirt maxi , on the contrary, to close his legs.But this experiment - for self-natures, well combining texture and color.The skirt may be fine, flying from muslin or chiffon, and can be sewn from thick fabric.

If normal svitshot classic gray will seem boring, try to move away from the canons.Choose a model with an unusual repeating smaller print, or conversely, a large image of a cute animal on the entire breast.Some models suggest even rhinestones, tassels, pompons and pockets, so that among the multitude of colors and finishes, you will find him exactly - your perfect svitshot.