Fashion history.Sensual beauty of the Italians of the Renaissance ( continued)

enjoy in Western Europe of that time very popular Venetian beauty, courtesans highly contributed to the introduction of many fashion innovations in women's everyday life: from a special toilet room, where there was a special (dressing) table, covered with the finest lace, with a variety of different jars and vials, boxesand drawers with ointments and fragrances mixed with baubles and golden hand of Venetian glass mirrors to a particular dress for practicing makeup - peignoir (from Fr. peignoire -. comb your hair) and underwear .... by the way, it is curious that the word "toilet"originally meant a piece of cloth that covered the table where a woman combing her hair ...

As an example

this day did the legendary Veronica Franco (1546-?), is a Venetian beauty ideal.When this dazzlingly beautiful girl walking down the street, all men, regardless of age, as if on cue, the head turned toward her and saw off a look of admiration and lust.She had a beautiful face with regular features, thick brown hair, a li

ttle somewhat dark skin, golden eyes, and very complete with high breasts and shapely statuesque figure ...

Veronica something to correct in his already memorable appearance.That the skin on her hands was the snow-white and soft, it is carefully rubbed them in the evenings paste of mustard field with pulp apple and bitter almond liquor.At night, I pulled them tight suede gloves, and in the morning all off with cold spring water with dissolved in it with lavender oil.

As befits a very expensive prostitute, Veronica is constantly taking care of your beautiful body, every day taking flavored, infused with a variety of plants a bath, brushing teeth, chewing mint leaflets.The lips and nipples breasts painted pomegranate and raspberry juice, hair zavavala using heated in the fire of the iron pin, lashes abundant antimony ensuring that they have been strongly curved.

Its spacious and bright, all laden with large Venetian mirrors dressing room resembled a real laboratory: here lay the sets of small knives and scissors, toothpick, fragrant liqueur and butter paste for treatment and skin whitening, consisting of sweet grated almonds, white refined waxcamphor.

Veronica carefully monitor their health.She had never allowed herself to excess in alcoholic beverages, not eat spicy, salty and fatty foods, giving preference to vegetable soups, fresh salads and baked fruits.

Like any self-respecting Venetian courtesan Veronica Franco thoroughly equip your "haven of love", to the point that has got a number of different animal - it was considered then the "squeak" of fashion.She surrounded herself with nimble spaniel, multiple pedigreed cat, a dozen cheerful talkative parrots, three whimsical monkeys, which quickly ran around the house, bringing the hostess great fun and creating her elation.

in its rest always vital pleasant, like a balm infused with the air - it was used rose water, orange blossom, amber and fragrant onions.

not save Veronica and wardrobe.She sewed a dress all colors of velvet and silk with gold thread, adorned them with pearls and precious stones.She had more than a hundred gold embroidered nightgowns, dozens of pairs of elegant shoes with gold buckles, home shoes without backs, and other "women's stuff".

But its main weapon, of course, it was a truly luxurious body that it is tempting to hide until the last moment in the finest batiste underwear, whom she had an enormous amount of impregnated also with rare fragrant essences ...

Fashion RenaissanceIt takes into account the individuality of women, especially the structure of her body: it is so pleasant for the male gaze convexity and concavity.Sensual Beauty luxury Italians such as Bianca Capello and Fornarina, Veronica Franco and Lucrezia Borgia, gave the Italian Renaissance fashion their own special unique charm.