Express program for the feet

In anticipation of the warm season and open shoes must be left to do for the whole winter without care and attention to the legs, so that they were well-groomed and sleek.Using the suggested tips, you will quickly their feet in order, not wasting a lot of time and effort.

Express program for foot care

first - relax-massage .Wear wet socks on top - wool and lie down for 20 minutes by placing the feet above the head.Then make pouring a strong jet of water does not exceed 20 and go through the skin with soft massage movements.

next stage - exfoliation , to get rid of callous knees and skin roughness.After water procedures can be polished hard skin with a sponge or a mild exfoliating cream, massaging the skin with soft circular motions.If

for winter volumes increased, we can take the wet coffee grounds and grind her hips.Caffeine, penetrating into the subcutaneous fatty tissue, stimulates lipolysis in fat cells.The particles have a thick massaging effect, improving blood circulation and lymph flow.

final stage - mitigation .You can apply a mask for legs of vegetable oil and lemon juice (10: 1) or a mask of wheat bran, diluted with milk until the consistency of sour cream.Apply mask to clean skin on the feet for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Then do pedicure

Tips for pedicure at home

first special spatula from manicure sets need to carefully push the skin (cuticle) of the base of the nail.It will grow slowly, if immediately after the foot bath gentle push back its corner of terry towels.Cut the cuticle around the nail can not be: it can lead to skin inflammation.

next step - small manicure scissors or clippers to trim your nails and give them a nice shape.The nail of the thumb should be cut in a straight line, so it does not vrastat.Do not shear off his too short: it must protect the edge fingers by friction with shoes, thus preventing blisters.

If toenails - thick and hard, then they should be cut after 10 minutes of steaming.If the skin of the fingers or the inside of the feet rubbed sore or inflammation, can be done to the feet warm bath of a decoction of pine needles or infusions of dry chamomile flowers.

file nails be only in one direction - from the edges toward the center.