Women's accessories

There was a time when a woman can not go out without a hat and gloves, and an elegant feminine umbrella was a necessary attribute of the ladies of good society that protects the delicate skin from the sun.These conventions have long faded into oblivion.Today a set of women's accessories has grown significantly, but has ceased to be binding.Modern woman decides for itself how best to apply themselves, to express their individuality.

word "accessory" in the French language, where it was borrowed, meaning "addition", "accessories".It would seem that addition - it is something optional, it does not require much attention.However, it is not.Elegant woman intently watching the fashion, know that the accessories along with the shoes are the most fashionable and rapidly changing part of the wardrobe.However, they may constitute a substantial part of it - up to a third.Skillfully manipulating various additions, you can drastically change the everyday suit or modest dress, and without much expense.

Traditionally, women's accessories include scarves and scarves, women's umbrellas, glasses and gloves, belts and straps, clocks, and other dry goods.In the Western tradition in women's accessories is referred sometimes even shoes, jewelry and hats.

Depending on the nature of your employment a set of accessories that are used in everyday life and on special occasions (access to the theater, party, banquet, wedding, and so on. P.), Can vary widely.For example, a business woman need the cute little things, without which it is difficult to organize their time - accessories for mobile phone, organizer, leather-bound, expensive pen with a pen, an electronic notebook, business card holders, clocks, determine your status, briefcase for papers, or a special bag.

eternal feminine values ​​and accessories

Like the men's ties, women's accessories you need to save for years, adding to its collection on a case by case - on sales in travel.Like all things ostromodnye accessories have a dual nature: on the one hand, they will quickly go out of fashion, on the other - have a tendency to become fashionable again in a few seasons.It is important only from time to time to view his treasures reserves, estimating that it is already possible to wear, and what should be postponed for a while.

There are "timeless" accessories, which, on the contrary, do not go out of fashion ever - gold watch classic form on a leather strap, a strict black umbrella with wooden handle, silk scarves, painted in the traditional technique of Balinese batik.

So, review your inventory and select the one that you can wear now - move the accessories in the "active" part of the wardrobe, so they are always at hand.What you obviously never wear, you may want to give a friend or relative, or to share with her that you like and her gathering dust in the closet.

Try to take a fresh look at familiar things.How will the business suit, if instead of blouses to wear colorful neckerchief for him?And if strict classic coat supplement gloves and scarf made of a material with "animal" ornamentation?We did not try tied up a little black dress with belt embroidered shawl?

Creative imagination and you wonder how to expand your ability to look nontrivial.