Seven ways to look younger ( self-care )

Choosing the right clothing and accessories can adjust not only your figure, but also age.Our simple tips can help to look younger. • Prefer pure color .
Dark colors and intricate shades are considered noble, but emphasize all the signs of aging - gray hair, wrinkles, etc.If you want to "rejuvenate" your wardrobe, keep it monochromatic clothes clean, bright colors.Dark can be except that the trousers and skirts.

not refuse jeans.
Clothing denim convenient and versatile for all age groups.Good fitting jeans will help throw off a couple of years.Choose classic versions - blue or dark blue.Vertical scrapes visually lengthen legs.But the decor in the form of embroidery or rhinestones are best avoided - it attribute teenagers.But the T-shirt can be patterned, the main thing that it was a noble pattern, rather than screaming inscription.

Buy white blouse .
closer clothes to face, the lighter the color should be.This primarily refers to blouses, scarves and neckerchiefs.Pastel shades (pale pink, crea

m, cream, etc.) to visually improve skin color, hide wrinkles, refresh and make the face younger.

not get carried away ornaments .
Here the principle: less is better.Beads made of plastic suitable for young girls and women aged better to choose the elegant and stylish jewelry with natural stones light shades.

Wear stilettos .
low heel, usually ages.More young and glamorous you'll look in high heels.Alternate high heels shoes with flat shoes such as ballet.or sneakers.Do not wear heavy shoes with thick soles with coarse broad noses: it can make a big leg and sloppy.

Choose clothes strictly by size.
too broad and bulk add weight and age, and close distort the shape and accentuate all the flaws.Carry only those items that fit well.Obese women rejuvenate easy flowing clothes and slim - fitted silhouette.

Do not overload the image of the details .
There are two styles of dress, which makes a person younger.
Firstly, this sporty style - sneakers, jackets, shorts, polo shirts, etc.But this requires appropriate clothing situation.
Secondly, minimalism.The excess parts and accessories adds the years, so if you want to look younger, choose a simple cut and concise style.

keep your teeth healthy!
Stop using whitening toothpastes, it is better to consult a dentist for professional cleaning.Try semiannual checkups at the dentist.