" Pitfalls " piercing

Piercing - one of the most fashionable nowadays trends in "embellishment" of the face and body.Men and women pierce their noses, ear lobes, ears, making a few punctures in each, eyebrows, lips, tongues, navels.

Many mistaken, believing that the piercing - this is only a cosmetic procedure.In fact - this is surgery, which can lead to unpredictable consequences, if it holds an amateur.There are cases where in order to save, teens make yourself a piercing yourself, using the means at hand.This initiative threatens to blood poisoning, hepatitis and AIDS.

Therefore, if you decide on piercing, remember some of the recommendations: choose salon and master, who has a license for this activity.Of course, the institution itself should cause you trust.The procedure must be performed with all the sanitary standards.Pistol pierce only earlobes, and all other kinds of piercing - only by means of a special needle.Also good salon should ask your age - if you are under 18, the piercing is done only with the consent of

the parents.

There are a number of medical contraindications for piercing:

- blood diseases (such as haemophilia, hepatitis B and C, diabetes, etc.

- Allergy to metals

- Congenital malformations of the internal organs (heart, kidneys, and so on...... d)

-. Bronchial asthma (can cause severe asthma attack)

choosing decorations, remember that nickel and cobalt and silver alloys can cause irritation and severe allergic Ideally, immediately after the puncture, should be used.articles made of surgical steel, and then, when the wound heals, go with stainless metals:.. gold, titanium, platinum Synthetic materials can be used only after complete healing of wounds, changing them from time to time in the "stainless steelĀ»

after the procedure, keep the following guidelines:

- Do not wet wound about 4-6 days

- Every day for the first 8 weeks after the procedure, wipe the place of piercing antiseptic solution..

- As a rule, a few days after the procedure, from the puncture site starts to separate the liquid light color - lymph.This is normal and not a sign of an infection or an allergy to the metal.Carefully remove the lymph with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

- After piercing the navel at bedtime wear a clean shirt or t-shirt, made of non-synthetic fabric, cotton is best.

If you suspect that the wound is inflamed - consult a doctor immediately.In addition, the main signs of inflammation are:

- severe pain after the first few weeks of healing wounds

- redness, suppuration place piercing

- fever, lethargy.

As you can see, a lot of problems.But beauty, as is known, requires sacrifice.We hope that you are deciding on piercing, do not become victims of the beauty.