The history and the magic ring ( Women's Accessories )

There is probably no such woman who never would have put on the ring finger.But few know that the most usual decoration is not only millennia historian, but also fraught with a lot of hidden meanings and possibilities.Correctly pick up the ring - mobilize your inner energy and succeed in zhizni.Pervye rings worn by Egyptian pharaohs still more than four thousand years ago.Although there is: easy to imagine how our you shaggy and hairy Neanderthal ancestor pulls in his hands and finally puts a finger on the intricate stone with a hole in the center.Such stones, by the way, in the UK called 'chicken gods' and believe that through the hole you can see the other world of fairies and elves.That is, the ring already by birth is associated with magic.

Rings, which archeologists found in the tombs of the pagan leaders of the early Middle Ages, did not differ special elegance.They looked like a massive metal pieces - such were the then technical capabilities, however, form a circle necessarily maintained.Often

a ring decorated with precious stones.

As a complement metal is often coated with enamel painted on it emblems and logos.In this era of the ring often supplied the hiding places - they are stored, for example, the relics of the saint, or, on the contrary, deadly poisons - weapons of court intrigues.

Later, in the era of the high Middle Ages and the Renaissance, when the jewelry techniques have become more sophisticated, there were decorations, similar to today's.

twentieth century, Art Nouveau style, and then the high-tech change the shape of rings.The first gives them a whimsical, fanciful shape.Instead notorious circle snake crawling on a finger or woven into a curlicue of flowers and leaves.The second, introduced geometric shapes and new materials in fashion jewelry.Now rings may even be square.And not necessarily that they are made of precious metals - fit and ordinary steel.

Forms ornaments

No, perhaps, decorations, which is more than a ring, fanned by myths and legends.

How did our ancestors treated the ring?The word itself is derived from the ancient Russian "colonies", which means circle.But any circle - a symbol of the harmonious enclosed space, in the broad sense of the word - a symbol of the world in its diversity and integrity.

It turns out the ring - a microcosm, a small energy storage, fueling the right moment to its owner or, on the contrary, sucking from it strength.In addition, the ring - a guide to other worlds, remember how often in Russian folk tales, the hero, possessing magical perstenkom, easily entered the hut of Baba Yaga and overcome terrible ordeals.

force on the ring affects the material from which it is made.Typically, this metal.By the way, in the myths and legends of the golden rings somehow bring trouble, not luck.The reason is simple - in the Middle Ages, gold was considered a symbol of worldly temptations and snares of the devil.But silver, on the contrary - a pure metal, symbolizing the primarily spiritual side of life.

Now gold is almost does not cause negative associations.Rather, it is a metal that symbolizes wealth and good fortune.So if you want to improve the well-being, feel free to choose a gold ring - a symbol of well-being, prosperity and a certain status in society.

Silver is often used to ring the church, with written on them by some pious parting words.As a rule, "Save and Protect".This ring will be imperceptible to help its owner in difficult times, and to protect him from danger.Silver mobilizes the body's internal reserves, develops the ability to think independently.

rings of steel, though are jewelery, too, can help its owner.However, choosing a ring with caution.Typically, such jewelery is very eye-catching and bold.Consider whether you want to always be the center of attention.Positive point: the bright ring of steel "will drag on" the negative emotions, to protect its wearer from the evil eye.

different story - rings.Rings with gems selected on the basis of the values ​​and properties of each mineral.For example, it is believed that the diamond ring will bring you good luck and wealth, with emerald - will take care of your health.However, if you want to become your talisman ring, wear it every day, especially in the first days after the purchase.Thus, you will share with the decoration of their energy, which it then will return a hundredfold.

How to wear a ring?

turns out, it is important not only what you are wearing the ring, but also on which hand and finger.According to astrologers, if a person wears a ring on his right hand, he is happy with how it feels at the moment.If the place decorations on the left hand, it reflects how you would like to feel.

Ring ...

... thumb tames aggression, helps to make the relationship more harmonious, to establish themselves in sexual terms.

... on the index finger - the owner will give confidence, increase self-esteem, will bring good luck.

... on the middle finger - helps to overcome obstacles and chronic bad luck.

... on the ring finger (especially gold) - contributes to expression, achieve wealth and fame.

... on the little finger - will give the owner the flexibility of mind, eloquence, agility.