Fool's sake!Fashion Winter 2009

Fur today - it is the warmth and luxury, and most importantly, fur - the most fashionable trend of the season.So you can get at least a couple of veshchichek fur this winter, but only after getting acquainted with the latest novinkami.Dlya start pay attention to the outer clothing.Let's start with the trendy silhouettes.

The fitted .It's about
coat.Naturally, fur.This is perhaps the most beautiful, luxurious and stylish symbol of this winter.Fur coats in conjunction with a leather belt with rhinestones - and you are a real queen.Coats may be hooded and collared from other furs, and the reception.As for the belt, which must be present, he must be either a leather or fur, and leather belt can be either narrow (such as lace), and wide (5 cm - up baggy corset belt type).

A-Line .
Narrow, feminine shoulders, the presence of the waist, flared hem, all this - date this winter A-Line.All models vary greatly in length and volume, it all depends on the type of fur.Wear these capes and coats stands with tight

skirts or pants-pipes, and high boots.

Silhouette "ballĀ» .
Originality, gentleness, directness - yet another silhouette winter coats, capes and jackets.Volume, spherical, and most importantly, the unusual thing will adorn any woman, and give it a unique charm.

Shortened sleeve .
And why not?Yes, the windows of snow and wind, but three-quarter sleeve on your coat will not let you freeze, wear new clothes because you will be extremely high gloves to the elbow or with a knitted sweater - getting trendy multi-layered effect.

Stylish and short .
Fur jackets, jackets and capes (both with fur trim, and full of the fur) - without them not to manage the young ladies who lead active lifestyles.

addition outerwear fur, as you can see, there are many other design embodiments.Previously, it was difficult to imagine this model, trimmed with fur, and now this is nothing unusual.

with fur hats, we are familiar enough, but in addition to such popular this winter fur hats bulk appear fur hats, caps, hats with ears and a knitted cap, decorated with pieces of fur and fur headphones are very popular among young people.By

fur bags, which are also popular this winter, we have become accustomed.Bags can be youth (resembling the backpack) - fur fox

can be extremely elegant and even strict - from karakulcha, rabbit

and luxury - mink

and accessible - faux fur.

Another fur detail - scarf.It can only be decorated with fur, and can be fully fur (mink or rabbit).

To scarves gloves needed.Today, they are made from mink, fox, and other well-known karakulcha us furs.Still relevant clutch - and warm, and beautiful.

decorate evening, and the day will warm fur boa.Today neckpiece not necessarily carry along with evening chic dress, she became an integral part of everyday wardrobe.On a warm day neckpiece can be safely worn over a coat or down jacket.

gaining momentum and fur vests, either fabric or leather jackets trimmed with fur.

boots and ankle boots - with a furry or those.golenishe which is completely covered with fur.It looks impressive and very wintry.

Designers pridumati even fur leggings, it can be worn with ordinary leather shoes.Looks great!

Now a few words about what the fur in favor this winter.This, of course, the classic mink, astrakhan, rabbit, fox, do not hand over the position and quality products made of artificial fur.

As for colors, black - the color of luxury and style, and is doing well here.Next - all natural color and squeak winter 2008 - 2009 colored fur, and painted in the most incredible colors - blue, green, pink, orange.
In general, the more fur - the better.