your wardrobe

Even 150 years ago, the clothes were so dear and important part of life, that the grandmother "robron" (old clothes) handed down along with silverware and place in the village and a couple of bays.The peasantry and all: chest dress is a real sokrovischem.My fortunately today we can afford to change most of the wardrobe every 1 to 3 years, even some items every season.Therefore rational approach to what we wear , plays a significant role in the proper organization of our daily lives.How to: you have to stand in front of the cabinet thought, wondering what to wear?Like many things in your wardrobe, bought on the occasion of or compensation for emotional turmoil that you put 1 times a year, and sometimes not at all don?

Wardrobe, like the contents of a handbag, can tell a lot about its owner.

Therefore, to begin with patience and sort out your clothes 3 a handful:

- what you wear often and with pleasure

- what you bought and are wearing (or almost no wear)

- what you wear is clearly not (was a

little worn out, just "not your" thing).

Try to get rid of the last group of things.Give away, hand over to the store «second hand» or simply discard.

Try to understand why you do not wear your clothes a second group.Perhaps by making small alterations you can turn part of it into your favorite things.Please refer to the well-meaning friend, talk to her.You may have to resort to the dressmaker if you do not know how to sew.

Finally, the things that you wear every day.
Analyze what they have in common?Uniform colors, functionality and pleasant to the touch natural materials?Think about why you liked them.You pay compliments when you wear these things?Maybe they are all common silhouette, can be combined?Or belong to the same styles - elegant, feminine, sports, stricter?

Somewhere here lies the beginning of your individual style .How many in your arsenal scarves, belts, hats, or, on the contrary, you do not like unnecessary details?Do you have many shoes with heels, and how often you put on it?After careful consideration of this part of your wardrobe, you will learn something new about yourself.

Pay attention to whether there is in your wardrobe items, not relevant to your occupation.If most of the day you spend in the office, why in your closet are so many sporting T-shirts, jeans and jackets?Or you are a housewife, and your closet packed with elegant, almost evening dresses that you do not put the past 6 months?Think you can just compensate by using your clothes or domestic problems continue to buy things on a student habit unassuming.

Usually sooner or later people will find their own style intuitively.Speed ​​up the process, deliberately referring to the selection of clothing and accessories.

Once you get rid of unnecessary things, should be possible enhance its capacity to change shape , combining things together.Take skirts, dresses, suits, trousers and jackets and make of them a variety of kits.It is very likely you will find that previously missed some opportunities to improve their appearance.Maybe your favorite Beige jacket suitable not only to the "native" skirt, but also to the black pants and a blue dress, and a pair of knitted sweaters and skirts.And if you add to it that's the scarf and those shoes?And if you throw a shawl poncho?

specifically examined combinations of skirts and pants with blouses, shirts and jumpers.Picking them belts or scarves, you can combine them in sets, different on produced impression.

Ideal if you have a camera, Lay on the floor or hang it on the door of the cabinet successful combinations have been found, not forgetting to add accessories and photograph them.Or ask someone to drop you off in these kits.Consider the cost of pictures as the investment of money in the organization of your time.Attach a photo to the inner surface of the cabinet door, and they will always be in front of your eyes.You'll appreciate it when the morning, half asleep, you do not have to wrestle with what to wear.You simply select from the available options for the most appropriate.

Today, it is assumed that there are 3 main kinds of female employment:

- business woman

- female office worker (this includes teachers and managers, shop sellers and employees design offices, those who work in offices, and. etc.)

-. a housewife.

Each type of activity requires a special approach to the selection of clothing.Wherever you came to be hired, clothing - one of the key factors of your personality assessment.There are triggered concepts such as prestige and social status.