How to look younger

clothes, accessories and cosmetics can add you as a few years, and rejuvenate the face.To avoid being "put on" the extra years and weight, use our tip - a few points on which we must remember picking up makeup and outfits.


Thick concealer and powder highlight skin imperfections and wrinkles deepen.Prefer the easiest and liquid foundation with microparticles that scatter light.


Clear contour around the eyes, purple, green and shiny shadows make visible all the flaws elderly age.Shadow is better to put opaque, light peach tones.Mascara - dark gray or brown.Bright black mascara looks good only for burning brunette and dark haired.


Brightly painted eyebrows as much made-up eyes, old.They should stand out, but to be natural.There is another trick - the wider a person apart eyebrows, he looks younger.And what eyebrows closer to each other, the more severe and older it seems.If you have any eyebrows grow together on the bridge - tweeze them.


Ideal rejuvenates warm

pink hue, as well as the effect of "wet" lips.Take advantage of a special lipstick or gloss, apply over ordinary.Avoid dark colors, pearl and matte lipstick.

contour can visually enlarge the lips and make them plumper.However, the pencil should match the tone on tone lipstick, and go beyond the line of the lips is allowed only a tenth of a millimeter, or your "cheating" will be visible to the naked eye.


Perhaps black slim, but it also emphasizes the age.Light colors, on the contrary, are refreshing.If dark things from the wardrobe to eliminate difficult, dilute their contrasting accessories.A harmony solicit longitudinal strip and fold on the trousers of classical models.Remember: if your band is chosen in one color, you appear slimmer.


If you want to look younger, you have to paint the gray hair.The most "molodyaschaya" - the paint on the two-tone lighter than the natural.The lush and voluminous styling short hair, the more youthful look.


hands with perfect manicure look younger.Pale pink and light beige - a win-win shades.Avoid dark colors - brown, dark blue, burgundy.Prefer warm shades - cold will emphasize the wrists.


Nothing is so young as straight back and proud bearing.Straighten your back and feel like dropped a few years.

stylish accessories

large number of parts, complex style, dark colors added years.Choose a simple model, and to the selection of jewelry fit carefully.Too cool colors can make the face sallow, and red - to emphasize the swelling and small wreaths.