Women's accessories : gloves in your wardrobe

Any woman who is able to dress stylishly and beautifully, always find a way to make your look elegant and memorable, and will help her in this cleverly designed accessories, for example, perchatki.Perchatki - is the most fashionable accessory, which are not only the top clothing,but also with business suits and evening dresses, with jeans and almost with pajamas.However, the leadership still hold gloves street.They are warm and protect from frosts our delicate hands, we wear them with coats, and jackets, and coats and coats.Therefore, they need to select it to the top of the clothes - or rather, to the whole ensemble.Previously it was thought that the gloves should be one color with shoes and bag.Today, it is definitely a classical style.Good tone now allows some freedom, so we can not achieve compliance with all the accessories a single color.It is enough if the gloves are suitable even for something: for shoes, bag, or even a suit.If all objects of the same color the toilet, for example, black or blue

, it is possible to make a spicy accent on hands by a glaringly bright gloves.

The most popular leather gloves non-marking colors - blue, brown, black.More stylish look gray, maroon, olive.And if you claim to be the zapravskoy fashionista, you should choose bright colors: red, lime green, orange.Fans of classic recommended glove made of smooth leather, with a small amount of decorative elements.A more dynamic style - buckles, laces, stitching color threads, combining different colors of skin.In fashion leather gloves trimmed with fur.Funny version - gloves jeans style: denim or suede, denim imitating.

Evening gloves this season should be long.Since the true evening gloves should ideally sit on your hand, like a second skin, jewelry - rings, watches, bracelets - worn directly on them.Do not be afraid to look vulgar, the main thing - do not overdo it with the rings.

Silk Shawls

Sew Evening gloves most of satin fabrics, but the most stylish in the new year are recognized lace, and designers neoboshli attention even the simplest form of lace - openwork mesh.

There is another unusual type of gloves - fingerless gloves - gloves without fingers.They appeared in the eighteenth century, when the Dutch and German ladies of high society embraced economic fever, as well as how to do embroidery or cooking gloves was awkward, and remove them - indecent, was made a willful decision - to cut off at the fingertips of gloves.Now mitts often use avtoledi, or those who at any time may be required manual dexterity (sellers, conductors and students ...).Designers show two variants of these gloves: exquisite evening and sports.Evening - long, up to the elbow, made of transparent lace and Sports - short of parts combined in contrasting color, with catchy logos.However, despite the mitts practicality, they have one drawback: they visually shorten the fingers, so this style can afford only woman with perfect shape of hands.

By the way, the gloves can not only emphasize the dignity of their owner, but also to hide some flaws.For example, made of a special material, long gloves slimming hands, making them thinner.

We must not forget that, like any other thing, gloves need to be properly cared for.Remember, the main enemy of leather gloves - the dampness, from which they are deformed, even the highest quality.However, remember that dry gloves on the battery or on the gas stove - so irrevocably spoil them.

Knitted gloves are no longer part of a youth street fashion and great fit with the most expensive furs and respectable style.Feature this season - a combination of long knitted gloves with fur trim, top stylists that offer wear flashy large bracelets or watches.