Prom.You are gorgeous!

In a few days, and the last bell calls in schools.This will mean that the school routine over and nearing prom - pass into adulthood.And despite the fact that there is still an exciting exams in the air still hovers anticipation of something new and exciting!

Graduation Ball - this is the first adult holiday, which belongs only to you and your friends.And on this holiday I want to be on anybody not similar, the original, simply stunning!And of course, dress plays a paramount role.

First attire for prom should not be very different from the style you practice.If you feel uncomfortable in a narrow skirt and high heels, better to give preference to something else.Remember: you can find the charming shoes with flat soles, and be the queen even in the trouser suit!

Indeed, in this outfit you will not only receive a certificate.Ahead buffet, disco, funny contests and meeting dawn - a walk in his hometown.Therefore, think about the length of the dress and heel height - not whether you will interfere with al

l this splendor.The intricate hairstyle looks impressive only in the early evening.Then, the composition can fall apart.In addition, from fiction hairdresser can simply head ache.If you have long beautiful hair, simply screwed them on large rollers and secure with lacquer.The look will be elegant, and for the safety not have to worry about hairstyles!

Now dress.Before going to the store it is necessary to imagine the dress of your dreams, and understand, whether you style.The fact that a fashionable outfit, seen in a magazine, can only look great on models, but not for you.Find the most attractive part of her body.Its something and should be highlighted: with the help of a deep neckline, shocking mini or long tight dresses.And the disadvantages (if they are pronounced), respectively, hide: high waist (if you have heavy thighs) or the length of the hem.This evening you have to consist solely of some attractive advantages!

with shaped - clear.Now the fabric for the dress.Keep in mind that heavy fabrics (velvet, satin) are best avoided.They will come out of place on a night disco.Choose something light and air, for example, cotton, chiffon, organza.

went to shop for their favorite dress, do not forget to wear one set of clothes in which you will be at the party.Trying on a prom dress is necessary, along with the shoes.And a minimum of cosmetics, so as not to stain your clothes during the fitting.

few words about makeup.With dresses and make-up do not rush to "wear out" yourself ahead of time.It is not necessary for the main party of the youth choose an outfit that is just right to put on a grand reception, and applied to the face two tons of makeup.You - a young beautiful girl, not the old lady.

Makeup should do in the cabin, but even he will require correction after two or three hours of dancing.So do not forget to bring your waterproof mascara - any chance vsplaknetsya, Concealer - after hilarious sleepless nighttime formed circles under the eyes, and yet still need to meet the dawn, superstoykuyu lipstick - which is erased only by special means, lip gloss, blush, minidezodorant- and you're prepared!

And of course - accessories.Without bags, by itself, will, which is to put make-up, perfume, camera, cell phone?But leather bag, to put it mildly, does not fit into your outfit.

If you sewed a dress custom made, of the same fabric can independently make yourself a small handbag, a bag on a brilliant shoestring.Homemade purse adorn embroidery beaded sequins or shiny.The main thing - it is individually and stylishly.Those who bought a dress in the store, you should look for evening bag (size no more than cosmetic) under the dress color or black / white.Typically, such bags sewn from satin or velvet.You can pick up a theatrical handbag - clutch.

If the dress is a one-color - buy a wide lace belt, you can not even the color of the dress.See is very impressive!

Superb hat with large fields - the successful completion of a romantic image.Silk shawl with intricate designs, casually draped over his shoulders, give you a share of mystery.And, of course, gloves.Very relevant

flowers in her hair.The best artificial, but the most daring can take a risk and to weave live.Just do not forget to cut the spikes!

gold jewelry this night is better ignored.After all, it's your first ball, and you can lose anything unaccustomed.It is better to choose a beautiful set of jewelry.

We wish you to spend a wonderful prom.Let each one of you will be the queen on her first ball!