Meet on clothes

Wherever you came, clothes - one of the key factors of your personality assessment.There are triggered concepts such as prestige and social status.


in our "domestic computer" stored templates averaged images of various social groups.We can describe, for example, look at that dressed businessman, secretary, artist, student, etc. D. (However, these clich├ęs do not always correspond to reality).

Each of us belongs to a particular social group from birth or due to life circumstances.Our desire to look better and sometimes more than we can afford, quite naturally.

Moreover, sociologists argue that the dressed a little more expensive than the budget allows, we raise their self-esteem, which allows us to achieve better results at work and in their personal lives.We like to prepare yourself for another, higher social role.

Therefore, there is an unwritten rule that a clerk in the office should be dressed better than his boss, and even better.


To put it simply, it is your importance, you

want to show others through clothing, manners and so on. N. Here, the game includes a variety of psychological factors that we often are not aware of.They did however have quite a profound effect on us.

Like being in a formal setting, to cause me to trust on the part of the customer or partner to demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions to win the interlocutor, to create an impression of reliability and integrity?

Sociologists argue that the opinion of any person consists in the first 30 seconds of acquaintance.That is, we estimate before we had time to say anything more meaningful than "hello" to prove himself as an expert, to showcase their talents.

What can we say about you and to your advantage?Of course, the appearance!It must be sufficiently prestigious to score it was benevolent.

Three main factors, which assess your social status - silhouette, color and quality of your clothes.