makeup rules .Points and makeup

Gone are the days when a woman with glasses called "blue-stocking".In contrast, the glasses are now numbered among the most important accessories.Properly chosen sunglasses and knowledge of the appropriate make-up techniques, not only hide the shortcomings, but also complete imidzh.Suschestvuet three basic parameters selection frame - shape, color and material.

• frame shape should not repeat the shape of the face!Otherwise, there is a visual overload and all facial imperfections appear twice.

• Frame color creates the first impression about your character.Dark-frame gives the face the rigor, credibility.The lighter the setting, the softer and friendlier you look.Pick a frame for your skin tone - and you will give the impression of a gentle woman.

• If you want to look noble glasses - choose matte metal.This stylish and elegant (avoid gold and silver glitter).

Additionally you need to remember the following rules applying makeup.

• Eyebrows may be, and just under the rim and above the upper par

t of it, regardless of its length.Not below the rim.

• If the glass is very strong and does not impose on the person a lot of paint - all the optics to increase.

• Tinted windows "eat" makeup, so the eyes should be more intense makeup.

• Remember: glasses, correcting myopia, usually optically reduced eyes, so it makes sense to increase them with makeup.And vice versa.With farsightedness glasses unnaturally increase the eye makeup should therefore be much lower.

• Blush should be applied after wearing glasses.

• Hair must be combined with the shape of the face and shape of the rim.

• And finally.For applying makeup on the face it is best to use a mirror with a special magnifier.

Choice glasses for everyday glasses are as important as the choice of frames.There are two types of glasses: from mineral and plastic materials.Plastic window three times lighter but thicker than made from mineral materials.Modern plastic glass is not so easy to scratch, as before.In addition, they are much stronger than glass eyepieces.Plastic glasses are available in different colors.Mineral glass, on the contrary, darken only classic colors - brown, gray and green.

Finally, a few words about sun glasses.We recommend that before buying bring dark glasses to his eyes, then flip them over and look at the back.If objects are distorted, so badly sanded glass.Do not buy cheap sunglasses, do not skimp on the eyes!