Decorating for the soul ( jewelery for you)

difficult to say when the first time a woman has decided to adorn themselves, and that was her first ornament.Maybe it happened by accident, when she noticed that the bright and beautiful pebble unusually suited to the color of her eyes?And, perhaps, attached water bizarre form of shingles are interested in her, and she found the found treasure amulet, but one thing is clear, that it is difficult, if not impossible, to meet the woman, whose heart will not tremble at the sight of beautiful jewelry - necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets.Being unique accessories, decorations highlight your taste, personality, image of a woman shrouded in mystery, the mystery and give it a unique charm.

mistake to think that only jewelry can serve as a decoration of your image.Moreover, etiquette strictly regulates the wearing of jewelry, and determining the time and place.But the jewelry at any time of the day can be a worthy ornament of your image.Of course, if you can show good taste and pick it correctly.

The word "jewelry" comes from the French "bijouterie", indicating trade jewelry.Jewelry in the modern sense - a women's jewelry (necklaces, brooches, etc.), not made of precious stones and metals.

Where necessary to count the beginning of jewelry, is unknown.Perhaps the first jewelery may be called fake jewelry that were found by archaeologists, for example, Nofret statue from the Cairo Museum with a necklace of colored stones.She was found during excavations of burials in ancient Egypt (2700-2500 BC), and during the excavation of the tomb of the king Meskalamdug Sumerians, who lived in 2500 BC, beads and pendants of colored precious stones were also found.

changes in life that brought the 20th century, women did more business and dynamic.Accordingly, he changed fashion for clothes, and jewelry.Women with low incomes even like to decorate themselves, and this is made up for their need jewelry.And in his twenties with a light hand of Coco Chanel was a tremendous blossoming jewelry.By creating a new fashion, Chanel created a new decoration to your outfit.

Now these were ornaments, not to deceive, not imitation jewelry, and independent works, which create the image of women.Affordable, made in large quantities, jewelry became popular.But, nevertheless, the selection of jewelry to be able and reasonable, as there is jewelry evening, elegant and day.

Evening jewelry option acquired a new meaning thanks to the trading house Swarovski.His imitation of precious stones have become true works of art and jewelry are very popular among women.Day jewelry business is designed to beautify the office suit a successful business woman, and a young student uniforms.And, besides, there is an easy, elegant, bright jewelry, all its appearance reminiscent of a holiday, sun, holiday or other pleasant pastime.

products executed by the hands of these masters, never go out of fashion, moreover, handmade valued higher and higher.Refined products made of semiprecious stones, original fashion jewelry from the Venetian and Bohemian glass, luxury jewelry with natural stones, coral, pearls and semi-precious stones, the use in the manufacture of leather jewelry, wood, furs and other natural materials makes them unique pieces of art.Among this splendor every woman can choose your decoration, consonant with her heart, image, mood.