Women's Accessories and tsvetotip appearance (fashion and style )

tsvetotip appearance - a great thing.It tsvetotip determines which colors should be used in make-up and clothes.And it affects even the image of a woman's life.Naturally, for women with a different tsvetotip must be chosen, and various accessories.How exactly - we'll tell you.How to determine your tsvetotip, you can read the articles in our magazine.

Woman autumn tsvetotipa.

Warm autumn contrast color women tsvetotipa and earthy, rich colors of his palette leaves ample opportunities in the selection of accessories.Autumn tsvetotip women can afford the mood or desire to combine pronounced with expensive materials and eye-catching additions.

to fall tsvetotipa of jewelry perfect amber, coral, yellow pearl, horn, wood or shells and precious metals - yellow gold.

in leather products is best to give preference to the rough suede, rough pig skin or wicker, but the fit and embossed smooth skin.Shawls and scarves must be of opaque non-smooth silk or pile material.

eyeglass frames for women autumn tsvetotip

a need to choose from a matte synthetic materials - most preferably a brown-yellow horn or tortoiseshell pattern

Woman winter.

Winter tsvetotipu women to face all the elegant, noble, classical, moreover, even extravagant, expensive and unusual.Unusual shapes, shiny fabric, leather, metal and precious stones - all this is very suitable for women-winter.

best fit from a precious pearl in cold white, gray, black or bluish tones, and brilliant silver has an absolute advantage over the yellow gold.

Points is best to choose an unusual shape and bright color.

for scarves and shawls winter tsvetotipu most suitable heavy shiny silk or sparkling lurex.In the skin, most preferably varnish.

female spring.

Women spring tsvetotipa necessary to select accessories that color would be suitable for its warm, golden color, and underlined its tenderness and transparency in style and material.

For this tsvetotipa will look good shoes and handbag, belt, hat and gloves in bright red, green and blue colors.Jewellery glowing turquoise included in the outfit, the most advantageous accentuate flavor tsvetotipa - spring.Fabrics, shawls and scarves should be made of soft, flowing or transparent materials, and have at the same time a gentle glow.

The same applies to the structure of the skin, weaving and other materials: the thinner and finer the surface, the more attractive warm colors of spring palette.

The ornaments women spring tsvetotipa appropriate yellow and reddish gold, golden pearls and stones are warm, soft spring nuances.Eyeglasses women spring tsvetotipa must choose from yellow gold or yellowish horn.

Women tsvetotipa year.

pale tone of its color range tsvetotip summer women best accentuate accessories marked femininity and restraint.

Flowing, transparent or slightly shiny fabric best suited for scarves and shawls.And summer tsvetotipu women to face lace and other woven.

Women summer tsvetotipa ornamentation should give preference to the classically elegant, antique filigree and more gizmos, such as pearls, if it has a pinkish, silvery-beige or bluish tinge.Earrings, necklaces or brooches - better than silver, platinum or white gold.

optimal eyeglass frames for women tsvetotipa year - more graceful, not eye-catching, silvery rim of the metal, although horn-rimmed cold greyish or artificial material soft palette of smoky nuance summer will also suit you.

From skin to tsvetotipa-summer best suited product of fine suede and smooth leather with matt gloss or a discreet embossed.