Selection of women's handbags

shoes!Bags!Jewelry!Learn the art of wearing accessories, and you can completely change the look without much effort.One tiny detail can make your view of sex or, conversely, boring.The most a cheap earrings can not only add luster to the eyes, but also significantly improve the image of bored over the years.

However, in dealing with these parts of your wardrobe needs skill and experience.Things falling out of the general style may look out of place and stupid.But, if you buy the right accessories and wear them "stylish", you can avoid large expenditures on clothing.

But just how well chosen accessories can help you to look particularly good, and properly selected items can ruin the whole look.

Take, for example, a bag.Can not one bag suitable for any outfit.You should have several bags, and shoes and the like, they must be different styles.

mistake many women when buying handbags - they do not try on.Yes, as in the choice of clothing, you need a couple of minutes to whirl before a large mirror to se

e how you look with this bag.

How to choose the right bag?

• If you have just one and a half meters tall, with a large open bag you will look even smaller.

• A large woman with a tiny handbag looks like a giantess.

• The most chic bags - the ones that suit you in shape.A bag that hangs at the widest part of your body, makes you stocky.

• woman with magnificent breasts more suitable bag, which must be worn at the waist or lower than the bag pressed to his chest.

• Women with wide hips should choose bags that must be worn at hand, not on a long handle, pressing it to the widest part of the body.

• When choosing a bag, make sure it is quite roomy.Overflowing evening bag will never look glamorous.Looking at the bag at the store, remove all of it and see how it is roomy.

• You can be quite frivolous in choosing handbags.If you do not allow yourself to sequins or bright colors in clothes, let them be on the bag.