Elegant protection .Choosing umbrella (women's accessories )

important that the umbrella was not only comfortable and beautiful, but also combined in color with your garderobom.Podberite umbrella so it was in harmony with the clothes and accessories.Note that the material from which the frame is made.The most durable are considered spokes in stainless steel with titanium coated and ends of carbon fiber.

Umbrella choose a metal "crown" and a wooden handle.If important to you easy, then pay attention to the umbrellas, the frame of which is made from lightweight aluminum.Among the fabrics, which are used for the manufacture of umbrellas, are considered to be the most practical polyester, satin and rubber materials with fast drying Teflon coating.Also, when choosing an umbrella, note how well stretched fabric on the needles, whether the seals are in the field of tissue attachment to the spokes and the system "antiveter".Now

relevant umbrellas bright colors with large paintings, in a cage or peas with fotoprint, bulky designs and complex finish.And besides those al

ready familiar round shape, designers offer a domed, oval, square, and even asymmetrical umbrellas.

If you are bored with the old umbrella, you can transform it using the means at hand.

Try embroider umbrella on the perimeter of the large beads (eg, artificial pearls) or rhinestones.

can do applique from termostraz.Put the intended pattern on the cloth (better if the pattern is a small, simple shapes, such as a snake or a heart), and mark the location of rhinestones on the back side with a pencil.Put one on a solid paste turn the sticky side up.Fold the umbrella and then, straightening the fabric, get a pencil marked area.Gently place the fabric on top rhinestone face down.Glue rhinestones using iron (temperature not more than 120 degrees, the exposure time t 5-20 seconds).

Decorate umbrella, sewn to the dome bulk artificial flowers to match the fabric at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other.

If you want a radical change - ask to change the fabric dome is completely in a specialized workshop.

Do not choose the umbrella of dark blue and green color, or shadow falling on it will give the person a pale shade.