makeup rules .Makeup for glasses

Choosing makeup (the shadows, mascara, eyeliner) depends on the type of lens, ie,must be considered, they increase or decrease, and the shape and color frames.Unskilled makeup can significantly reduce the eye.

Stylists are advised to choose a frame to fit the shape of eyebrows.Eyebrows frame and the line should look harmonious, without creating the effect of "double brow".If bright brows, choose a paler rim at least at the tone.If the rim, on the contrary, "weightless" and almost not visible on the face, eyebrows highlight brighter.

to thin silver-rimmed smoky-gray suit, purple, silver-blue shade.By gilt - brown and beige shades.Horn-rimmed looks harmoniously with all shades of terracotta, brown and beige.

Black frame - has a bright accent in the face, so you should not do too bright lips, if it is not evening makeup.Do not overload the bright colored plastic rim shades, make emphasis on the lashes.

Regardless of what type of frame you wear, highlight eyes with light corrector, particularly those ar

eas which frame casts a shadow, and blush, apply a little higher on the "apples" of the cheeks to blush crossed with glasses that the person does notit was divided into parts.

Makeup for myopic

Glass, "minus" reduce eye.To enlarge the eyes, use the concealer reflective, pearlescent or flickering shadows.To my eyes did not seem small, put on the upper eyelid light shade and pleated over them - darker, highlighting the outer corner.

choose Mascara with effect of volume.If glasses darkened, highlight the eye pencil or eyeliner.Bright emphasis on the lips, eyebrows highlight brighter.

Makeup for farsighted

¬ęplus" glass eyes and increase the area around them, making any error is particularly noticeable.

to keep your eyes looked like two spots, do not choose a bright shade.Avoid shiny, pearly shades.They are not just "lubricate" the eye, but also make facial wrinkles more noticeable.Prefer matte shades of gray, brown, marsh flowers.

eyeliner is better not to use, emphasize your eyes dim thin arrows.Avoid lengthening mascara, brighter paint the lower lashes.