Botox injections : Pros and Cons

In the vastness of our vast country remained a woman who never would have discussed the topic of Botox injections.Seeing another celebrity face smoothed, we joyfully proclaim: "Oh, yes, she had Botox!"However, they do not still know what is the essence of this procedure.Around the relatively new and the now public drug soars many myths.Let's try to understand.

Botox (Botox) is a solution of the poison, which is produced in improperly prepared canned mushrooms and fruit, and causes a terrible disease botulism .When injected into the muscle of the substance causes its relaxation by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses.This property is muscle relaxation, and have adopted the beauticians.The cosmetic Botox - is the procedure of the facial muscles of the same name of the drug, which is a refined and attenuated botulinum neurotoxin type "A".This method has been approved by the US pharmaceutical and food supervision (FDA) and the Russian Ministry of Health, and until recently was used only in neurolog

y.Despite the fact that in Russia from 1994 applicable botox year worldwide it has been used for 36 years.

"In a short time Botox has gained a lot of supporters among professionals and patients."

safety of the drug and

procedure Botox safety is based on the principle point of administration: injection into a specific muscle.Moreover, the concentration of toxin in the product is so small that spread beyond the injection site, he simply does not have enough power.So the correct dosage and accurate professional injection - a guarantee of security.By the way, according to doctors, aspirin and antibiotics are potentially more dangerous than Botox.

After Botox injections are possible complications .They are few and rare.When excess administration of the drug can be lowered corner of the mouth or eyelid.However, taking into account the reversibility of the action of the neurotoxin, even when these "side effects", restoring the appearance occurs after 1 -2 months.Insure against occurrence of complications is possible only by a qualified beautician, working in a secure hospital.

opened drug American ophthalmologist Alan Scott , examining the clinical role of botulinum toxin, and realizing that the substance may relax certain muscles.Then Mr. Scott suggested the use of Botox for the treatment of strabismus.

Today, this drug became hardly probable not the most effective way to eliminate wrinkles and is not only used for cosmetic purposes.In a short time Botox has gained a lot of supporters among professionals and patients.

Despite the fact that for wrinkles using such a serious poison as botulinum toxic reactions do not happen.The toxin acts exclusively on small muscles, which are located under the skin.They, cutting, creating wrinkles on the forehead, in the corners of the eyes, the nose and the back of the nose, upper lip.thin needle by which a drug is administered into the muscles used for administration of Botox.

Anesthesia and recommendations on the application boteks

For anesthesia procedures using local anesthetics, which are pre-applied to the skin.The drug takes effect in an average of 7 to 14 days.Under the effect of Botox begins weakening of the motor activity of muscles.Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the skin surface becomes smooth.The effect of the drug is maintained for an average of 6 months, after which you must repeat the procedure.

To achieve lasting and stable effect beauticians recommend the drug be administered three times a year.After a few treatments disappears habit knit his brow, so that the problem of wrinkles is solved by itself.

Botox injections without fear: no injection, no drug do not cause any discomfort during or after.Most of the people who experienced the injection, compared his feelings of injection with mosquito bites.Moreover, before the procedure, the doctor puts on the face of the patient's anesthetic cream or ice freezes the injection site.The drug does not cause physiological dependence.

Any doctor will tell you that Botox injections can be done, starting with the age of eighteen years (unless, of course, there is a need).Although it is no secret that even teenagers are deep wrinkles.And then, there is any problem at an early stage is solved much easier than later.In addition, after forty years, the skin is no longer such a resilient, in twenty-five, and it is much more difficult to get used to the new smoothed state after Botox.We'll have to make an additional facials and massages, while at a young age injection immediately get rid of wrinkles.

Beauticians claim that unwanted restriction or distortion of facial expressions can occur only in the case of illiterate selection of the dose of the drug or the injection site.And all those wishing to join the world of eternal youth is sent to the medical clinics, urging not to trust the beauty salons and charlatans, making shots at home.However, some psychologists believe that if the wrinkles around your eyes, your smile may seem to others false and insincere, and it certainly will affect the communication.In fact it is not, unless it seems to us a false smile of a child?But he has no wrinkles.

Other applications boteks

Botox is not only used against wrinkles.More recently, with the help of Botox began to treat hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating.The wet handshake and wet spots in the armpits, you will agree, is very unattractive.But after the injection in the problem area you have a couple of days for the whole year can forget about sweating.

Botox is also used for therapeutic purposes, it is used wherever necessary to remove the muscle spasm.When spasmodic torticollis, blepharospasm, pain in the neck, shoulders, back, as well as cerebral palsy and headaches caused by excessive voltage shoulder girdle muscles.

When Botox began to be used in the correction of facial wrinkles, beauticians drew attention to the fact that the introduction of the drug in the frontal and brow muscles, some patients got rid of headaches!This is explained by the fact that the so-called "stress pain" associated with the load on the muscles of the neck or forced position of the head with torticollis, perfectly amenable to correction by injections of Botox.

Argued that the facial muscles carry heavy botox.In fact this is not true.No stress facial muscles when administered Botox do not.In fact, everything is absolutely contrary.We grimacing, frowning, laughing, crying, and the facial muscles in the meantime work.Even in a dream, we often can not fully relax the face.And, imagine, over the years accumulated fatigue.Botox relaxes the muscle force, and they like in a sanatorium, enjoy a welcome rest.

not the best places for injections - the area around the mouth, cheeks and chin.In these parts of the face, enter a biopolymer gel that can be used to eliminate wrinkles in these areas.

And more.Since Botox after a long time people can not enjoy some facial muscles, then over time it can mimic the habits change.For example, it is possible that a year or two under the Botox you fully otvyknite squint and wrinkle the forehead.

Well, finally we say that a single injection of Botox costs about 300-500 rubles.Expensive or not - you decide.