Aromatherapy today is not just a fashionable way of treatment, and finally takes rightly put it in the recovery of people.History of aromatherapy to start from ancient times.The perception of smells - the oldest feature of all mammals.The mistake would be to think that if a modern man should not sniff out the trail production on the hunt or to determine the sex of individuals of the species, and smell it to anything.The ability to smell a person need not only to fully appreciate the favorite food, but also for many other things.

olfactory center of a person - a very ancient formation.The momentum of the olfactory receptor reaches the brain very quickly.It is no accident fragrance is able to instantly call the association.For example, the smell of spruce needles instantly evokes the New Year celebration.Moreover, it occurs before we realize that symbolizes the smell.

Today scientists know that the smell can cause a variety of reactions - strengthen or weaken the respiratory function of the brain to cha

nge the amplitude of the ripple.It was also noted the impact of odors on the senses.

"Aromatherapy, ie treatment and recovery aromas of essential oils, you can easily hold their own!"

smells of essential oils can affect physiological processes, control mood and capacity for work, so aromatherapy is widely used not only for healing but also for the treatment of many diseases.

Exactly how aromatherapy affects on the human body?Common airborne volatile particles (fraction) of essential oils, getting into the body, have the following effects:

• pronounced antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal essential oils activity allows you to compete with chemical preservatives (antibiotics, sulfanilamide drugs), as many essential oils have a more pronouncedantiseptic properties;

• increase the body's resistance to disease and stress, stimulate the immune system;

• normalize the condition of the body cells;

• have a regulating effect on the work of enzyme systems: normalize their activity, improve metabolism;

• effect on fat metabolism, have anti-sclerotic effect.At a concentration of 0.1-0.2 mg per cubic meter of air inhaled reduce odors sclerotic manifestations have an antioxidant effect;

• contribute to the improvement of the internal environment, reduce the risk of allergies and improve the body's resistance to various diseases and harmful environmental factors;

• activate metabolic processes in the liver, stimulate the kidneys - that is, help the natural cleansing of the body of poisons.

Aromatherapy, ie treatment and recovery aromas of essential oils you may well conduct themselves by studying the properties and characteristics of various aromatic oils and picking the right scent for you to track.