Caring for normal and combination skin

For normal skin enough cleansing with soap.Conventional soap contains fats, alkali and nutrients, flavoring and coloring agents.

downside of this tool is that by creating a slightly alkaline environment, it is a few hours destroys natural acid mantle of the skin.However, healthy skin is not terrible - it automatically and quickly restores the necessary environment.

Wash owners of normal skin should be twice a day - morning and evening, but it is recommended only to lather the face in the evening, an hour and a half before sleep.Lots of skin where sebaceous excretions are usually reduced (an area of ​​the eyelids, nasolabial folds), immediately after washing should be lubricated with a nourishing cream.

If washing with soap and water is still irritating effect on the skin, it is necessary to give preference to cleansing lotions and emollient emulsions.

lotion or cream can be cleaned not only the face but also the hand - these tools effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells.

Twice a week you can do

Cryomassage - wipe the skin with ice.It improves circulation and tightens the skin pores.Ice made from the infusion of herbs: nettle, mother and stepmother, thyme (thyme), peppermint tea, which is poured into molds and freeze.Before the procedure cryomassage person needs a little oil cream - this will soften the shock of the cold, to the same melt water contributes to better absorption of nutrient cream substances.Then take a piece of ice, wrap it in a cloth and circular movements massage the face with it until the ice has melted.You can do the same way and neck massage, then the direction of movement - up and down.

Cryomassage especially recommended for sluggish, dehydrated skin - so she becomes elastic and smooth, and the face looks younger.

For combination skin cleansing is recommended differentiated using multiple tools and techniques, if the difference between the dry and oily areas very much.If the difference is not so great, you can use the whole face cleansing milk.

Note also that dry skin areas such as lips, neck, cheeks and forehead, require regular moisturizing.alternately warm and cool water -

For oily skin useful washing in the morning - cool in the evenings.It is best used with foaming cleanser - it can be creams, gels or lotions for the face.

Although oily skin and useful removes fat, which have some soap and lotions, but too frequent and intensive use can lead to the opposite effect: the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively.

When enough oily skin, wash your face with soap and water only once a day.Thus it is better to choose superfatted toilet soaps, which include boric acid and lanolin.

ideal for oily skin type is considered syndet - synthesized soap, consisting of synthetic active ingredients.It is both solid and liquid consistency and is neutral or mildly acidic environment (but not alkaline, as an ordinary soap), thereby deeply cleanses pores, without disrupting the natural acid mantle of the skin.In addition, such soap maintains and restores the balance, even without changing the natural purpose of the skin and prevents the formation of inflammatory lesions (blackheads and pimples).However, due to the fact that the soap is synthesized very effectively destroys fat, even with a slight skin from fatigue of the tool should be abandoned.Another disadvantage - these tools are quite expensive.

For oily or prone to inflammation of the skin are a good means of cleansing swabs impregnated removes dirt and disinfecting liquid (eg, an extract of oak bark).They are convenient to use during the day, especially when it is necessary to freshen the face, and make this conventional method - water or gel and cream - not possible.In this case, simply circular motion rub the swab face.

Whatever means you choose, you need to remember the following rule: preparations for the purification of this type of skin is recommended to choose light and non-greasy.

very oily skin does not need additional moisture, but if you have oily skin is only slightly, from time to time it still need to moisturize.

good effect gives an easy two-minute massage with your fingertips when washing with soap and water or lotion.The procedure is done twice a day - morning and evening.