Masks for normal skin

Normal skin is rare - approximately 10-12% of people, mostly young adults.Such skin - a valuable gift of nature.She always looks fresh, smooth and elastic, not shiny or scaly, has a matte finish.

problems with it, as a rule, does not happen - so the skin always has a healthy appearance, an average thickness, smooth and small pores.Moisture and fat content is balanced therein: sebaceous gland ensures optimum lubrication of the skin surface.

Women with normal skin do not need to worry about such unpleasant moments as large pores, blackheads, dilated blood vessels.Irritation also occurs infrequently.

happy owner of this skin type, if there is proper care of it, the problem with wrinkles are not familiar to old age.Thanks to the good blood circulation normal skin retains a nice even color for many years.But if her care is absent or inadequate, it may turn into dry.

Normal skin is resistant to most cosmetics, and washing with soap and water does not cause her negative reaction.

Masks for normal skin

Orange .Cut into thin slices and evenly apply them on the face and neck.Mask refreshes, nourishes and vitaminizes any skin.

Cabbage .A thick layer of sauerkraut impose on pre-cleaned face for 15-20 minutes (for oily skin - up to 30 minutes).Rinse with cold water.universal action mask - suitable for dry, normal, oily and flabby, porous skin.It has a refreshing, cleansing effect, nourishes, tightens pores, makes skin velvety soft and supple.It is recommended to do 1 time per week.

* 0,5 tablespoon lime blossom boil for 5 minutes in 100 ml of water, strain the broth and mix with equal amounts of cream and egg yolk.The resulting mixture soak gauze cloth and put on face for 15-20 minutes.The mask is recommended for normal and combination skin.

* 1 ripe peach pound into mush, add 1 teaspoon of starch or oatmeal.The mixture was put on the face and neck for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.The mask nourishes and softens the skin, eliminates the excess fat.

* When normal and combination skin chamomile broth (1/2 tablespoon inflorescences 1/2 cup water, boil for 5 minutes) mixed in equal amounts with egg yolk and cream.Wet the cloth and keep on the face for 15-20 minutes.Mask tones, refreshes and rejuvenates skin.