Milk for sensitive skin .Recipes your facial beauty

Milk acts on the skin soothing, so it is often used to cleanse the skin sensitive.The procedure is performed after the main purification (after the skin is cleaned 2-3 a cotton swab dipped whole milk or vegetable oil in order to better remove the dirt), half-diluted milk with hot water.

• You can wash the face soaked in diluted milk or wool, milk poured into a tray, lower it in turn one and then the other side of the face, then the forehead and chin.After washing the face with a cotton swab slightly dried.The nose and chin can be disinfected with lotion and then to still damp skin apply a nourishing cream.If the facial skin is inflamed or scaly, instead of hot water is added to the milk rather strong chamomile, lime tea or decoction of the leaves of raspberry.

• Clean the skin can not only conventional milk, but also milk products - yogurt, fermented baked milk.From sour milk skin becomes smooth and soft.

• When cleaning the skin of sour milk pre-remove makeup with eyebrows, eyelashes and lips.You

will need four cotton swabs or pads.First, take a dry swab a small amount of sour milk or yogurt, and wipe his face with.The next two tampon moisten all the more abundant.Newest pressed swab to remove the excess yogurt or milk and still wet the face, apply a nourishing cream.He quickly removes a slight burning sensation that sometimes occurs from an acidic medium.After cleaning the sour milk can also wipe the face with a cotton swab moistened with lotion or cream before applying it to rinse with boiled water at room temperature.

"WARNING! Never run the cleansing milk, if the facial skin has redness, small wounds or acne."

If oily skin is recommended to leave a faint layer of sour milk until the morning to the facial skin is dried up, and pulled.Nourishing Cream with applied only under the eyes, on the forehead and neck skin.Similarly, cleaned and neck skin.

• Washing the face (after skin cleansing) milk whey, which is obtained with homemade cottage cheese or sour milk, has an extremely beneficial effect on oily skin .Useful fermented milk whey and also for dry skin , has no tendency to peel.

• If it appears irritated and reddened, it is necessary to immediately wipe it 1-2 times a cotton swab dipped in tea or fresh milk, and only then apply a nourishing cream after cleaning skin of the face.Later, on the 3-4th day, slight irritation of sour milk gradually decreases and soon disappears completely.