Cosmetic Dentistry : types of restorations

Cosmetic Dentistry engaged painless dental restoration with modern means of using special photopolymer materials, tissue repair and function of the teeth, taking into account the patient's aesthetic wishes.

Creating artificial teeth, completely natural for similar functionality, form and color shades, is a task that requires highly skilled doctors and good aesthetic taste.

best results also suggests the need for change at the location of the teeth in the oral cavity, correcting minor defects such as cleavage, the establishment of a correct bite, eliminate large gaps between the teeth.

What is the procedure

restorations In general, the dental restoration includes the full or partial restoration of lost functions, as well as the shapes and colors.

The direct methods include methods of restoration, in which all operations are performed directly on the tooth.Such methods include setting the seal.By definition, the seal covers only some of the surface of the tooth.

seal is used to protect a dama

ged tooth caries.Most often in the mix for the manufacture of low-cost permanent fillings include fine quartz sand (to give material hardness) and plastic.Ceramic fillings last longer, they look aesthetically pleasing, but also more expensive.

Composites also differ in the method of curing (chemical and fotootverdevanie) for the manufacture of seals.In the first case, the material is presented seals one requirement: it must be durable enough to last a long time.

Light hardening is more and aesthetic purposes and is mainly used for sealing the front row of teeth.

Crown , unlike seals, covers the entire visible portion of the tooth and fixed with a special compound.Crowns are used to restore anatomical integrity of teeth affected by caries, mechanical damage or lost their natural color, as well as to strengthen the teeth and giving them an aesthetic look.

Installing crown refers to indirect methods of tooth restoration, because its manufacturing takes place in the laboratory, and the whole process is quite laborious and long.Applications are generally crown made of metal (steel coated with titanium nitride, gold), ceramics or cermets.

Modern types

restorations Requirements for methods of restoring teeth are constantly growing, so dentistry is not in place.Modern types of restorations allow restore health of the oral cavity, remove visible teeth defects smile again make appeal.

Restoration of teeth using composite materials

direct way of restoration of teeth using composite materials is one of the best modern techniques.The method consists in the regeneration of damaged tissue structure of the tooth layer by layer, taking into account the forthcoming load, the hue layer and its degree of transparency.In particular, the outer layer simulating the enamel able to refract and reflect the incident light in a natural way.

"Such composite materials may glow under ultraviolet light. This method of tooth restoration is very popular with visitors to nightclubs."


Vinirovanie refers to the indirect method.With this technology, you can completely change the "appearance" single tooth or all at once dentition.vinirovaniya technology can be applied to the surface of the tooth composite, whereby the formed surface is coated with a solid plate.

material is selected in such a way that its color is different from the color of the rest of the patient's tooth enamel, with the color of the coating is stored for a long time.Production of veneers takes a minimum of time, enabling fast (faster than the production of crowns), and relatively inexpensive (as opposed to the cost of dentures) to restore teeth.

"vinirovaniya Application allows to get rid of significant defects of teeth, including violations of shapes and sizes."

Installing ceramic method CEREC

Perhaps the most modern and fastest way is the CEREC dental restoration method using the latest computer technology.Ideally, you can set the whole tab or ceramic crown in just one day, with a high degree of fit of the ceramic to the tooth surface virtually eliminates recurrent caries.

method is unique in that it eliminates the need for making molds to teeth.Optical device scans the oral cavity in the intended impact and transmits the information to a computer.

"With the help of special software in the presence of the patient is produced 3D-modeling manufactured crowns or veneers."

then automatic mill under computer control from selected pieces of ceramics with high precision cut-designed product.Of course, this technique requires the dentist certain knowledge and skills, but for this method ─ future.