Sensitive skin.Sensitive Skin Care

This type of skin is very similar to the dry type.The symptoms are familiar to many women: a sense of tightness of the skin, irritability, an unpredictable reaction to cosmetic products, the appearance of red spots or dots on the skin, intolerance to sharp fluctuations in temperature and very violent reaction to stress, overwork.

Sensitive skin is quite dry by nature, because the sebaceous glands secrete a little fat.As a result, the horny layer is very thin and does not adequately protect against external environmental influences.Sensitive skin is characterized by blonde woman with light skin, which lacks a protective pigmentation.

Many experts say that the increased sensitivity of the bad environmental outcome.

Such skin is also characterized by sharp response to inappropriate cosmetics.If you are the owner of sensitive skin, the lifestyle change will help you to prevent premature aging of the skin.

Care should be very soft, so you should not use the peeling for purification.It is capable of even

more thin the already thin stratum corneum, but you can use a rough terry mittens, which will serve as a soft peeling.When washing your face just rub the skin coarse cloth - this will be gentle cleansing.

the morning Wash your face with warm water in the evening for cleaning, use a mild lotion.Cold water is not used, it irritates your delicate skin and may cause redness.

your motto when choosing cosmetics motto should be: the less care products, the better.As a food, select a gentle liquid creams, after 25 years is better to use a series for sensitive skin.As a rule they must attend the inscription "hypoallergenic."

Such cosmetics does not contain irritating substances, on the contrary, it is rich in active ingredients that stimulate the blood circulation and the formation of new cells.

It contains nourishing and soothing agents.But be careful.Some tools, which include extracts or plant extracts, can cause allergies.Even chamomile, which is famous for many cosmeticians, can cause a very violent allergic reaction in sensitive skin.Also avoid calendula and arnica.In any case, for your skin should be as gentle.