Proper care for aging skin.Purification of aging skin

Given the characteristic of aging skin dehydration and the ability of the stratum corneum to swell under the influence of water, you need frequent application of water to the required softening skin fat free liquids before and after washing.

When cleaning the skin it is advisable to consider not only the type, but also the degree of contamination.Depending on this, you can use water or soap and water, alcohol solutions or lotions, liquid creams, juices of fruits and vegetables, vegetable oils.You can use soap shaving cream.

recommended to wash in the morning only cold or cool water.To cleanse the skin in the evening shows (depending on skin type), lotions, alcohol or solvents, liquid creams, juices, vegetable oil.Short-term use of ice or cold compresses always has a positive effect on the temperature of the skin reaction, improves trophic normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, prevents early wilting, tones the skin.Evening cold water used should not be possible because of insomnia.Deeper skin cl

eansing can be performed in a beauty shop.

To soften the skin using various mitigating creams, masks, compresses oil, vegetable oil.Well affect preventive or hygienic massage (healing, soothing) face mask with a biologically and physiologically active substances, paraffin and paraffin-oil.

"Short-term use of ice or cold compresses always has a positive effect on the reaction temperature aging skin, improves trophic normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, prevents early wilting, tones the skin."

Apply the cream on your face in the morning and evening to a thin layer.Prolonged exposure to the skin of the face of a thick layer of cream, does not allow to impose even makeup can lead to undesirable consequences.Therefore it is recommended "wet" method of applying the cream.On the morning of the cream is applied to damp skin after washing, and the excess moisture is removed or cream cloth.In the evening, after cleansing the skin lotions, cream is applied with a cotton swab that has been soaked in water (saline or infusion of herbs).In this method, the skin gets the necessary softening and protective film, the cream is well tolerated even easily irritable skin.In order to protect skin special protective equipment is used, ointments, creams, emulsions.

For skin protection against UV rays are recommended creams containing phenyl salicylate (salol), parabens, zinc oxide, and others. In order to protect the skin from wind, sun, cold or moist air are advised to apply the fat-containing liquid or thick emulsion creams.Before going out protectants applied to the skin and a thin layer of powdered (more dense) powder in dark colors to create a protective film.

From hygiene and water treatment procedures recommended.

- Hot wet compress - contributes to warming of tissue, vasodilation, improving blood supply to the tissues, swelling of the stratum corneum cells, improve the absorption of creams and masks.

- cold wet compress provides short-term effect "wet cooling".

- Wet contrast hot-cold compress effective in combination with other treatments - before cleaning the face, preventive and hygienic massage, before the masks.

- vaporization - spraying water particles on the face and neck under a lot of pressure.In the water you can add toning extracts of plants (leaves of mountain ash, birch, mint, serpentine root) or sodium bicarbonate (to soften).

- steam bath .

- Paraffin - provides heat, pressuring, compression and softening effect.Especially effective in melkomorschinistom type of aging, porous skin, local swelling, deformed face.

Wrinkles are often premature, there are inept at performing daily cleaning of the skin from make-up and the subsequent application of nourishing cream for skin stretching.

How to remove makeup from the skin?

First of all, it is necessary to remove from the lips lipstick.Then, remove makeup, starting from the forehead in a circular motion from the left and right temple or lightly from the middle of the forehead to the temples.With age makeup is removed from the base of the nose along the line of the eyebrows to the outer corner of the eyes, with cheeks - large circular movements of the wings of the nose to the temples, from the corners of the mouth to the ears, from the middle of the chin to the bottom of the ear.On the nose makeup is removed in a circular motion from the skin around the lips - semi-circular movements around them, on the chin - in small circular movements in the direction from the right to the left corner of the lower jaw, in the neck - large circular movements from the ear to the clavicle, especially light in the bottom halfneck.

Then applied to the skin moisturizer.Cream take your fingertips and lightly put on the face with fingertips.Cream applied on the forehead from the middle towards the temples, around the eyes - from the inner corners of the eyes along the brow, and under the eyes in the opposite direction - to the inner corners, on the nose - the nose on the back and sides.

on cheeks cream is first applied along the nasolabial folds, then from the corners of the mouth to the temples and from the middle of the chin to the ears.Around the lip cream is applied the middle finger of his right hand, from the right corner of his mouth.A small amount of cream, imposed on the chin, smear the back of his hand.On the neck cream is applied with your fingers of both hands in the direction from the ears to the collarbone.