Colored clay in the care of the person

Among the various face masks have become very popular today clay masks.They are made of colored clay and have amazing properties, helping to improve skin tone and cleanse it from rashes and acne.Masks made of colored clay rejuvenate and refresh the skin, in addition, they are easy to make at home.

But to secure proper care, it is necessary to know the properties of different clays and pick them correctly in accordance with your skin type and goals.

Properties colored clays

Green clay is best used if you have oily skin.This type of clay tightens pores and stimulates the function of the sebaceous glands.In addition, green clay has tonic properties and is very refreshing skin.

Yellow clay is just perfect for dull, flabby and loose skin.This kind of color clay is not only successfully detoxifies and oxygenates the skin face - yellow clay restores skin tone, rejuvenates and refreshes it.

White clay has healing properties.In white clay pronounced antiseptic, antibacterial and regenerating properties, so

it is used in the treatment of irritations, rashes and acne.In addition, white clay perfect for dry, thin skin devoid of mineral substances.

Grey clay has a fine texture.Masks of gray clay has moisturizing and toning effect.When using clay to quarrel sluggish, dry, dehydrated skin, the effect can be seen literally in 2-3 sessions.

Red clay has the ability to saturate the skin with oxygen and improve its blood supply.Special red clay gives effect when used in the prone to redness and irritation of the skin with closely spaced vessels.

Color syvortoka and harmonizing cream

Besides colored clay for facial skin care and color used serum.They are manufactured with the use of aromatic oils.Colored serum contain a lot of nutrients, so simply irreplaceable in the care of the person.As the undisputed plus colored serum, you can specify that they are suitable for all skin types, instantly absorbed and does not cause allergic reactions.

After the session, facial skin care with colored clay and colored serum is recommended harmonizing cream, which is composed of: vitamin E, vitamin A, lactic acid, as well as aromatic oils from the seeds of citrus fruits.