Acne Treatment .Secrets of the beauty of your face

cosmetics, dust and dirt penetrate into the pores, clogging them and preventing the skin secrete fat.He begins to accumulate under the skin.So there are black dots - comedones.If the area around the black dot becomes inflamed, in the sebaceous duct accumulated pus.Finally, the eel "breaks" ... Most physicians tend to blame in the appearance of acne male hormone testosterone, or rather the individual sensitivity of the sebaceous glands to the action of this hormone.It stimulates the enhanced activity of sebaceous glands at puberty.So often faced with the problem of acne adolescents who develop fatty or mixed skin type.

long thought that eels emerge from malnutrition.Sweet Tooth, rejoice!Clinical trials have proven that no chocolate or fatty meat do not affect the formation of acne.Healthy eating is important in this case simply because it strengthens the immune system.

Another cause of acne is considered bad job of internal organs.If you are not in the order of stomach or intestines, it can affect the

skin condition.Sometimes acne - harbingers of menstruation.

Additionally, some drugs (containing bromine, iodine, vitamins of group B) can enhance their formation.

But some still believe that the reason for the appearance of blackheads - onanism or bad blood, and get rid of this problem can only be marrying and giving birth to a child.

cleaning face - the most important condition for the treatment of rashes.The same applies to skin chest and back.Oily skin with "black spots" should be washed in the morning and evening, with water at room temperature with soap - antibacterial better.A good cleaning and anti-inflammatory effect has soap, which includes an extract from the leaves of the Australian tea tree.After cleaning the face should be rinsed with cold water and wipe the ice.

If not inflamed blackheads and pimples, once a week you can do to clean salt (fine salt with soap) and skin resurfacing using special tools with abrasive particles.And to relieve the inflammation, wipe reddened skin with tincture of calendula or boron-salicylic alcohol.

Do not forget about the benefits of all kinds of dried and anti-mask of grated apples, potatoes.His face and chest can be wiped juice viburnum, raspberry, cucumber, white or red currants.

To press?Or do not push?- That vopros.Odni Estheticians are convinced that nothing can be squeezed - the infection can get into the wound, and there will be several new on-site one eel.Often after such a procedure are scars on his face, red or bluish spots.Therefore, opponents of squeezing acne treatment tips to professionals.

Other beauticians believe that the anti-acne agent is no more effective than squeezing.But, of course, not every day.The most important thing - to observe the rules of antiseptics, first clean the skin and soften it over a steam tray

prior to extrusion stretch the skin slightly

fingers wrap cloth.Squeeze out blackheads only with clearly visible "head" ( "immature" is better not to touch).

sure that the grease tube is not gone in depth, otherwise the skin may remain a scar - "crater".After the procedure, wipe the alcohol-reddened places lotion and apply to the face mask, soothing chilled cottage cheese or yogurt.

Be especially careful squeezing blackheads around the nose and lips.

in beauty salons

course, a professional beautician cleanse your face from acne more qualified.In his arsenal of modern equipment, special cosmetics.

If you want to know, to a good whether you were a specialist, listen to your feelings: squeezing -process painful, but you should not feel unbearable torment.After cleaning, beautician cause inflammatory, dried or absorbable soothing mask.Beautiful effect gives Cryomassage - Liquid nitrogen has anti-inflammatory, degreasing, peeling, absorbing effects.

If the skin a lot of acne (red dense nodules poorly absorbed), conduct a faithful electrocoagulation, dosed moxibustion acne.

Beautician can you recommend a special lotions, "mash", which are prepared in pharmacies.

Now there are a lot of special treatment creams, gels designed for oily skin prone to acne.Their mechanism of action is simple.Due to the active substance eel "matures", and then "breaks" and resolved.Do not be fooled that during treatment, new acne and pimples.It must be so, because the drug acts on the still invisible acne, "pulling" them out.The course of treatment each of the different products-from one to three months.Treatment is best to start in the fall or winter, to avoid exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays.

Often after improper treatment of acne, unsightly scars remain on the skin.They may be partially removed using resurfacing (dermabrasion).Recently, laser replace mechanical polishing.

When acne appears with such frequency that they become a real disaster, you need to consult a dermatologist.Perhaps this comedonic acne.The disease is treated by medical means: antibiotics, intensive course of peeling or prophylactic pills that reduce the action of male hormones on the sebaceous glands.

How long does

you can ignore the recommendation and hope that "everything will be over time."If you're lucky, acne will take place by the age of twenty to twenty-five.Unless you are lucky, maybe thirty-five.Acne can disappear ... closer to the age when again hormonal changes the body.

Acne people far adolescence - a phenomenon associated usually with chronic liver disease, stomach, intestines, endocrine disorders, nervous and mental diseases.And if, despite treatment, acne does not disappear in 35 years, this is a serious reason to undergo a thorough examination by specialists.

If you have oily skin and it often appear acne, you should remember that:

| this defect can not even hide the best makeup

| while there is an inflammatory process, can not use the liquid cosmetics (cream, powder, liquid foundation)

| in the room where you sleep, should be enough fresh air to the skin pores can function

| stress can exacerbate the problem because it weakens the immune system.