Can you keep other people's secrets ?

remember how many times you let out the secrets of others, or at parties discussed the missing?Do I tend to talk about the others?Try to learn about it, the answer is "yes" or "no" to the following questions.

Do you ride in the elevator your floor test questions

1. Sometimes, after hearing other people's conversations?

2. Are you looking to meet an acquaintance in the street to find something new?

3. CARDS Do you have a language to share just heard a secret?

4. Do you discuss with anyone the habits of his friend?

5. When you have finished a phone conversation with the idea that the more you have nothing to say, if you feel frustrated?

6. Do you think it possible to say at the party that won the girl is wearing a dress that she gave you?

7. If the store you happen to see what a large sum paid for the purchase of your friend, would you talk about it to other friends?

8. Are you interested in the contents of other people's shopping bags?

9. Seeing her friend's boyfriend with another girl, do y

ou share this news with at least two or three friends?

10. Do you feel that the company is more than all you are discussing other?

11. Will you tell everyone that such a promise to quit, but did not keep his word?

12. You are a group of friends sitting in a cafe or restaurant.Going into the ladies' room, you can see that one girl of your company's sick.Returning to the friends you have someone tell us about this?

13. Have you ever told someone at least once, you have too long tongue?

14. Do you discuss, what smells from your friend?

15. Do you tell someone had to, in the house of your friends hanging in the corners of the web?

test results:

Each answer "yes" corresponds to a single score.Calculate the results.If you scored:

0-3 score. you do not gossip.Think, is not it too good?

4-8 points. you'd love gossiped, but you do not allow conscience.

9-12 points. you start to gossip.With a little practice - and you can achieve perfection.

13 or more points. you -.. Superspletnitsa, ie, ready to tell their friends and friends the most intimate details.Therefore, you are welcome at all the parties.