Changes to your favorite?

How terrible to ask yourself this question, but what can we do, from time to time is coming to a head.And what to do to dispel their suspicions and it does not hurt a loved one?Try to pass the proposed test.The uniqueness of this test is that it matters not nastorozhat your soul mate, but you get an answer if your man is prone to frequent change of sexual partners, adultery or simply non-permanent sexual relations.

Test Questions:

What color is most like your husband (friend)?

a) Red -10

b) Green - 5

in) Blue - 3

g) Black -1

What kind of geometric shapes he prefers?

a) Circle - 1

b) Square - 5

c) Triangle -10

g) Keystone - 15

What musical instrument he would call first?

a) strings (violin, cello, double bass) - 15

b) Keyboard (piano, harpsichord, organ) - 1

c) Percussion (drums, timpani) - 3

g) Wind (trumpet, flute, saxophone, trombone) - 7

what time of year he likes the most?

a) Winter - 1

b) Spring -10

c) Summer - 7

g) Autumn - 3

What he prefers to orn

ament (for example, when buying a sweater)?

a) Geometric - 15

b) Zoology (Animal image) - 5

c) Vegetation - 1

g) Mixed -10

What dish he would choose in a cafe or in a restaurant?

a) Only the fact that he is familiar - 6

b) An exotic dish - 15

c) Recipes home cooking - 1

g) He does not care that there are - 10

where he would like to spendvacation or a weekend?

a) in the country - 10

b) The resort - 3

c) in the forest near a campfire - 15

g) home on the couch - 1

test results:

• If the amount not exceeds 11 points, you can not worry: your man - an exemplary family man.

to 51 points - behavior of your other half does not go beyond the ordinary.Most likely, he is not inclined to change you, but do not entirely too complacent - all in a lifetime.

to 71 points - this man does not miss the opportunity to have an affair on the side.

• If the amount is more than 71 points - ladies' man behind this need to constantly keep an eye.Even if you are jealous of it to each post, your fears are not unfounded!