Your ideal man

Of course, any woman dreams of the perfect man.You want to know what kind of man you want for you and where to find it?Answer the test questions and see the result.

Test Questions:

1. How do you intend to seduce the man of your dreams?

a) delicious food

b) original ideas

in) a perfect figure.

2. What, in your opinion, the main reason for divorce?

a) man can not or will not provide the seven

b) the absence of common interests

c) sexual problems.

3. In your most desired dream man can stand in the way ...

a) huge bear

b) The eagle soaring in the sky

) beautiful stallion.

4. Does it matter to you the age difference?

a) yes, it is desirable that the man was older

b) No, the main thing to be peers in spirit

c) would be better if he was younger.

5. You need to make a responsible decision.Will you consult with them?

a) of course!fully rely on him

b) advise, but decide itself

c) is not necessary.

6. What is the style of dress you prefer?

a) feminine, romantic

b) classic, sports

c) sexy, extravagant.

7. How do you feel about the cooking process?

a) I like to cook

b) regular homework

g) prefer to cook man.

8. With what drawback you will not accept?

a) moral weakness and cowardice

b) with his selfishness

c) indifference.

9. And what are its features are especially important to you?

a) the strength, the courage, the ability to earn

b) the mind, mental qualities, sense of humor

c) good looks and furious energy.

test results:

If you have most of the answers "and» , you need a man - "stone wall".You have traditional views: a man - a breadwinner and protector, and the woman - the keeper of the hearth.For your appearance is less important, because you just want to curl up in his arms and feel completely safe, you should pay attention to those who are older than you in age.

If you have most of the answers "b» , you need a man - a partner.It is important for you to your interests, outlook and life goals coincide.Open, curious, witty, and appreciating humor man - for this you are ready to go to the ends of the earth.Home-always holding hands and looking in the same direction.Look for your destiny in clubs.

If you have most of the answers "in the» , you need a man - a lover.Do you like to enjoy life and eat her charms shamelessly.And if there is a lovely Adonis!Your genre - nontrivial unions, so do not be afraid to link their fate with a person younger than you or a foreigner.This magnificent woman, you will be able to conquer all.