What is your character, tell Clothing

you consider yourself to be friendly, and nice man, a good wife and mother, a model mistress, reliable employee ... But hold the same opinion if your relatives, friends and colleagues?It's so hard sometimes to look at ourselves through the eyes of others.

We hope our test will help you to do this.It is, of course, a joke, but still ... This test is designed for women.Answer the test questions, add up the scores and see the result.

Test Questions:

1. Do you try to each season to buy yourself something from the clothes, even if it is not necessary?

Yes (3 points);No (0 points).

2. What prefer fabric?

Solid (3 points);Printed (2 points);you do not have a particular predilection for those and other (0 points).

3. What style choose for yourself?Classic (0 points);Sports (3 points);one that is fashionable (5 points), ostromodnye (7 points).

4. Do you have all the courage to be among the first to wear the most extravagant, ostromodnye things?

Yes (5 points);depending on the circumstances (3 points);N

o (0 points).

5. Do you prefer a bold color combinations?

Yes (5 points);sometimes (3 points);No (1 point).

6. Do you like to wear:

sports blouses (3 points);English suits (2 points);skirt strict cut (1 point).

7. Which style would prefer a hat?

With a wide brim (7 points);such as "turban" (4 points);Borderless (2 points);you do not wear a hat (O points).

8. What kind of handbag you like the best?Sports on the belt (4 points);Chest (3 points), resembling in shape;"Envelope" (2 points);all what the fashion (0 points).

9. Do you like high heels?Yes (3 points);No (0 points).

10. Is there anything in your wardrobe at least one thing that made you?

Yes (3 points);No (0 points).

11. Your favorite indoor clothing?

long skirt with a blouse or jumper (5 points), pants with a sweater (3 points);just wears old clothes (2 points).

12. What you prefer decorations:

Beads (7 points);brooches (5 points);pendants (3 points);simple chain (1 point).

13. Who are your favorite designs on the fabric:

Flowers (7 points);peas (5 points);band (3 points);geometric pattern (1 point);prefer smooth, nenabivnye materials (0 points).

test results

5-11 points.You prudent man, appreciate the peace and stability, do not hurry to reveal his soul, though always polite and friendly with others.With difficulty making new acquaintances, but if someone will win your location, then for a long time.You are a good housekeeper, the children demanding.At work are different sense of duty.

12-22 points. your character is contradictory: without any reason you go from joy to sadness, from the gloomy mood to unrestrained merriment.Do you like to live in constant motion, often changing their views - it is not always like the others.At work is fast, savvy, but such periods often alternate days of apathy, inaction.

23-37 points. you are close to the "golden mean" you easily with others, and they - with you.Good possess a, friendly, but, if needed, are capable of violent reaction.You manage to win the confidence of even those who initially hostile attitude towards you.Good deal with the work.Your home - a quiet harbor for friends.

More than 37 points. Regardless of the age you are young at heart.It is easy to turn on and just as easy to go out ... too impressionable, not able to hide his feelings.This creates difficulties in communicating with others, and makes life difficult for them, and your.