"Game" DO YOU on the nerves of her husband ? "

passed the first years of marriage, painted fresh, real feeling of mutual love.But the atmosphere in the house changed more often quarrels break out, increasing irritation, and at work everything goes wrong.On the question "who is guilty" do not hurry to answer - he!The proposed test will help women find that to be the only interfere and always a favorite for my husband.

Test Questions:

I. How do you behave in a quarrel?

a) blames him for everything;(10)
b) Take the blame;(0)
c) Try to be objective.(5)

II.Typically, if it is for you?

a) Among neglect spouse opinion;(10)
b) emphasizes throughout his dignity;(5)
c) listened to him attentively, without interrupting.(0)

III.How much time you need to get ready when he is waiting for you?

a) About half an hour;(5)
b) Maybe an hour;(10)
c) Not more than 10-15 minutes.(0)

IV.Which of these statements applies to you?

a) constantly complain about life;(10)
b) Sometimes love pity on himself;(5)
c) Try, at least outwardly, to be optim

istic, rarely look miserable.(0)

V. Have you talked to anyone that her husband at your heels?

a) a couple of times;(0)
b) often;(10)
c) still no.(5)

VI.How do you behave when your husband stare at other women?

a) Do not pay attention;(5)
b) jealous;(10)
in) becomes distrustful, did not release her husband's sight.(0)

VII.Have you ever:

a) annoying, but still give way to his whims;(0)
b) "Forget" treat him;(10)
c) feel happy, take care of him?(5)

VIII.How do you behave in front of the closeness with her husband?

a) humorously pulls the execution of his desires;(0)
b) Irritated dodge;(5)
c) said it is very tired, even if it's not true.(10)

test results:

60-80 points

Without a doubt, you are playing on the nerves of his wife.If you want to hold him back, urgently changed.

30-60 points

The position is not so critical, but you will have to change their behavior in those situations for which you receive 10 points.

Less than 30 points

Do not worry, you have studied the man's psychology.About a wife every man can only dream of!