Are you lazy person ?

Who wants to pass a lazy, even if this is the case in reality.And if you did not guess, that lazy, pass the proposed test and answer all questions.According to the test results and you determine how lazy really.

Test Questions:

1. You parked the car, but it blocks the way to your friend, getting him to leave.You will give your keys to a friend or do it yourself?

2. Do you always just throw the empty bottles of shampoo?

3. You need to remove the credit card money.It is a cash machine, but there is a commission removed two kilometers from your home.Ten kilometers is the ATM of your bank, which does not eliminate the commission.Will you go to him?

4. Do you over toothpaste.Do you run immediately to the store for a tube if you have at hand was chewing gum?

5. Do you sleep at home, and suddenly the phone rang.This is your friend who invites you in half an hour to his party.Will you go?

6. Would there for two months every day to get up at six in the morning in order to take the elixir, prolonging yo


7. Do you share the color and the white stuff when erase?

8. Have you ever climb the stairs, if there is an escalator?

test results:

For each answer «no», you get 1 point , for each answer «yes» - 0 points .

If you score?

6-8 points. unlikely that something will make you move your finger.If your laziness will spread to work or school, it is possible that you will have serious problems.

3-5 points. you do not mind lazy.If it's going to rain or snow, it is unlikely that you will be able to get out from under the warm blankets, even for the sake of something very pleasant.You also will not be a bother that willingly do for you more.However, if you face a serious task, you are likely to be lazy and will not do it in time.

0-2 score.In you do not have a single drop of laziness, you are easy-going.Even when you are tired, you still go out and do everything you need.But do not forget: it is sometimes useful and be lazy, so as not to "burn out" ahead of time.