"Your attitude to love "

If you want to learn more about your relationship to love, or to compare their own views and close to you, read placed below the questions and answer them "yes", "no" or put a mark "?".

For each "yes" answer to questions 2, 4, B, 8, 10, 12, 14, and "no" to questions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 overcharge on 10 points.For each of you put a question mark, add 5 points.Summarize results.

Test Questions:

1. Man, in my opinion, should always be active women.

2. I like to bring joy to your loved one, even trifling matter.

3. I hate to be gentle with your loved one in the presence of strangers.

4. I feel it absolutely necessary (th) for your loved one.

5. After 15 years of marriage, mainly becomes a habit.

6. I find it easy to show off your sense and talk about it.

7. If not for the kids, the house, the habits I'd changed everything in my life.

8. The man with whom I share a destiny, is for me the most near and dear.

9. Frankly, it's hard to tell me what love is.

10. What happens between me and cl

ose to me, is very important and significant for me.

11. I am often jealous lover than miss him (her).

12. I love a man with whom I connected the fate.

13. Sometimes I get tired of the person with whom the fate of the divide.

14. I often try to please the person close to me.

15. Sometimes I think that we did not understand each other and totally different to present our union.

test results:

100-150 points

you belong to the number of people susceptible.Know how to love deeply and faithfully, do not hesitate to their love and are able to prove it.However, under adverse circumstances, your love can become for you a source of suffering, complications in the relationship with my boyfriend - the cause of this grief.You have all the data to master the difficult art of love, as have the ability to love, and to cause reciprocal feelings.

50-95 points

you - the person impressionable.Question feelings is important to you, but life has taught you that not always it should stand in the foreground.Sometimes the feeling is able to fully seize you, but it is unlikely you are in danger of losing his head at the same time.Realism, tolerance, and sometimes even pride - that directs your behavior.Your variability can be seen your loved one as a cold or a whim.

0-45 points

you are guided by reason.Before you find any sense to weigh and consider all ten times.Love you long time no longer entails.Logic and reason - that "support" of your life, loyalty and prudence - that's your way to happiness.You charm of romantic love is not available.It seems to you ridiculous child's play.And do not you just settle for "Moor" role in their relationship with someone else?