Ring , ring memory ....

Since ancient times, the ring was considered special ornament.many rituals associated with it.The most common by far - the exchange of rings in marriage.Rings believed amulets and charms.And on that, on what the person wears a ring finger, you can draw conclusions about the peculiarities of his character.

thumb (finger MARS) .

ring on the finger of Mars reveals human expansive, emotional, having great energy.In his heart, he is able to tell a story such that others will remember for a long time heard like a bad dream.Convince in something of a man - a waste of time.It understands itself the owner of the ring, so intuitively with the help of jewelry tends to curb their ardent temperament.

Do not be scared if a date a man came by wearing on the thumb of a massive ring.Rather, decorated with thumbs, he wants to put down his aggression and make the process of communication more harmonious.

index finger (Jupiter finger) .

ring on this finger says that its owner - the person timid, shy and indecisive b

y nature.Experiencing difficulty in communication, it is easy to influence.However, putting a ring on the index finger like skromnik gains confidence and perhaps even aspires to leadership.

man who came to the meeting with a ring on this finger, ready to conquer and win, he has the most serious intentions.

middle finger (Saturn finger) .

Usually worn on this finger the family jewelry to emphasize the connection with ancestors.Thus, a person putting on a finger of Saturn decoration, takes effect as an inevitable fate, he believes in karma and your higher purpose.Ring as "tame" the negative impact of rock and liberating way of thinking.

Having met such a person, you can be sure that he has a great spiritual force.And if he came to you on a date, your meeting (for sure! For him) is predetermined from above.

Rings on the fingers of both Saturn gives people a certain degree of fatalism and a certain detachment from everyday life.

ring finger (thumb SUN) .

Decoration, put on the finger (except wedding rings), emphasizes the passion for beauty, exquisite things and luxury.If a person wears a ring on the ring finger, he seeks for pleasure, a pleasant pastime, sensual pleasures.He tireless romantic.

seeing on a date with your chosen ring on the finger of the sun, you know that he has a wonderful mood, good intentions and the most romantic plans.

Rings on the fingers of both the Sun show that the man is at the peak of positive emotions.

little finger (finger MERCURY) .

Mercury personifies the sophisticated mind, passion for subtle intrigue.The constant presence of the ring on the little finger of nature emphasizes variability, self-love and coquetry.Moreover, it is a sure sign gambling and constant readiness to flirt.Ring or other decoration in this case intended to pacify or suppress these sometimes highly disturbing quality.

What to expect from a man who came to the meeting with a ring, put on a little finger?Most likely, no good ... He will fool your head, constantly flirting and telling lies.The only thing that can somehow senses of a man - a ring worn on the little finger, both ... However, an absolute guarantee, of course not.Be careful.