Psychologists have long been trying to establish whether there is any connection between the propensity to a certain color and feature the character.Without being bound by a specific color to anything, decide what color you are most attracted to, and then - what is most off-putting (red, brown, green, blue, yellow, black, white).

So, your favorite color?

Red .You can easily come to the excitement and lack of sensitivity.You definitely attracts gloss, tinsel splendor.You instantly assess the current situation, immediately make a decision and defend it passionately.The most important thing for you - succeed.How do you like fashion, at any cost!

pushes you red?So you are sentimental and easily vulnerable.Avoids sensitive or ambiguous provisions.And all my life regret the missed opportunities.

you like brown? Know that you are stubborn.Besides, a person energetic and bold.The cake is broken, and its achieve!

But if you avoid the brown, it indicates that the living mind, intelligence and highly develo

ped sense of humor.With difficulty overcome loneliness and therefore manifest a truly angelic patience to the shortcomings of others.

Attraction to green color speaks of balanced character and decency.You are responsive, willing to help those in need.But you feel lonely.Maybe you consider the surrounding some kind of cold?

It is possible, however, that the green color you do not like.It is a pity, because it indicates a lack of will power and inability to cope with difficult circumstances.Do not get upset over nothing.Pull yourself together.Sooner or later, things will improve, and you will have peace of mind.

How about blue ?Suitable?You can rejoice: you have all the virtues, providing a happy family life ... Feeling measures will not fail you.You always courteous to handle, flexible.In any case, ready to show flexibility.But are you happy?You, perhaps, does not dare to admit that not too ...

hostility to the blue color of nature is purposeful.And you do suffer greatly because of the imperfection of his nature, is not it?

Love to yellow suggests pronounced imagination and developed imagination.Cut off a adventurous inclinations.Your creative abilities are worthy of a better fate.Well, if you happen to find a suitable life partner!

Intolerance to yellow - a sign that you have a tenacious and practical mind.But a lack of imagination is really regrettable.

you prefer black ?Very strange, because you are not quite as you are in fact other.You completely undeservedly credited with levity and callousness.And nothing deprive confidence.Perhaps this is your fault or mysterious kind of conspicuous sensitivity.

negative attitude to black color expresses cheerfulness, love of the natural environment, children, animals.

And finally, how do you perceive white ?Positive - then you are talented and comprehensively developed personality.You are at ease in dealing with others.In general, you have a lot of positive qualities, because the white color, as we know, is not nothing but a combination of all components of the spectrum.White avoided the only people with any flaw.Every normal person white pleasure.