Personal space for a loved one

Each person needs a certain degree of freedom, so-called personal space.Otherwise, your relationship may soon become a burden to both.Strict control, or, as they say, a "short leash" may lead to the fact that the partner will be an irresistible desire to break away from him.

The proposed test will show how much you value freedom themselves and are ready to give her favorite.

Test Questions:

1. Your friend says that a close male friend by going to the cottage.

A. What sigh heavily and let go - let him rest.(1 point)
V. good reason and I have a good time.(2 points)
S. Where needle, thread and there.It can not be otherwise.(3 points)

2. A friend complained that her favorite looks upset.Your first thought?

A. It is likely that something is not going well in his work.(2 points)
V. Poor thing - it feels close rival girlfriend.(3 points)
C. It is necessary to advise her to talk to him frankly.(1 point)

3. You want to live together with the beloved, and he says he is not ready yet.

A. I will try to be so good that he was ready.(1 point)
V. surrender as pretty - it's something I pick up the key to it.(3 points)
S. attributed to him with understanding.(2 points)

4. Did you ask of his friend, with whom he was talking on the phone?

A. Well, it's a private matter.(2 points)
B. Only if something in his voice made me wary.(1 point)
S. Yes, I believe it should be aware of all of its affairs.(3 points)

5. My favorite is a birthday, where invited, and his "first love".

A. I'll try to take it calmly.(3 points)
Q. I mock him.(1 point)
C. That's where I must necessarily accompany him.(2 points)

6. How important to your relationship with your girlfriends?

A. Love for me is more important than friendship.(1 point)
V. For the sake of a loved one, I will not leave her friends.(2 points)
S. and others, and friends are equally important to me.(3 points)

test results:

Count the number of points.

6-9 points

you value and their own, and others' freedom!On the one hand, it is commendable, but on the other - your friend may feel lonely and useless to you.More often dissuade him.

10-14 points

you believe that every person has the right to personal time and there is no need to control every step of her lover.But only the partner you can rely on this principle, you absolutely trust.

15-18 points

and you do not want to think that someone of you two need freedom - because you love each other.Be warned, this is a dangerous position.Partner at some point may become a "stuffy" and he will break free, without asking your permission.