The dog is biting ?

This is not quite a serious test will help you assess the nature - and your, and your dog.You need to pass the test and select appropriate responses, and then count the points and find out the test results.

Test Questions:

1. As your dog behaves in a strange area?

A. As in his.(1)
B. As at home.(0)
B. It is not at ease.(2)

2. whether your dog is picky eating habits?

A. He eats everything.(1)
B. Eats everyone.(0)
B. Eat only what is given.(2)

Z. As your dog performs a command?

A. As his.(1)
B. How have.(0)
B. As in the army.(2)

4. Where your dog sleeps?

A. In the hallway.(0)
B. In your bed.(1)
V. itself does not sleep and you do not give.(2)

5. As your dog behaves, met in the street the other dog?

A. Like a dog.(2)
B. As a gentleman.(0)
V. leads her to his home.(1)

6. Can I pet your dog?

A. You can, but carefully. (1)
B. You can, if you want to make amends to her.(0)
B. It is possible, but only iron.(2)

7. Loves Does your dog play?

A. Just on your nerves.

B. Only the role of hostess.(2)
B. Only the piano. (0)

8. How does your dog belongs to strangers?

A. Relatively well.(0)
B. As to his.(1)
B. As to the dogs.(2)

9. And finally the most important question: how do you think, why the dog is biting?

A. Only by living dog.(0)
B. Only the cat's life.(1)
B. Only by living human.(2)

test results:

0 - 7 points

you are demanding not only to themselves but also to their lives, not to mention your dog, you (or someone else) were able toeducate so that she began to be like you, and is itself trying to educate you.

8 - 12 points

your dog is on its way to ensure that, as you become a stronger person.However, like you, she does not always know what he wants.Therefore, you should still work on it (and on his) character.

13 - 18 points

your dog spoiled not only you, but also all his canine life.It is capricious, flabby, sluggish and terribly naughty.She can not or will not adapt to difficult situations, perhaps largely taking their cue from their owners.But the important thing is that you (as well as representatives of the two previous categories sobakovladelydev) possess a healthy sense of humor, because seriously answered the questions in this frivolous comic test.