Bernard Show.Thinking out loud

Sense of humor, which was richly endowed with Bernard Shaw, still makes us grasp the meaning of his line, and, smiling, laughing, still thinking about the depth of his vyskazyvaniy.- Morality nation is comparable with a toothache: what it is worse, thepainful to touch her.

- People tend to family life because the marriage combined maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunities.

- First you sacrifice yourself for the sake of those you love and then hate them for this same victim.

- Sacrifice - it's suicide.

- Try to get what you want, or you will have to want what they got.

- Cowardice is universal.Patriotism, public opinion, parental duty, discipline, religion, morality - these are just nice words for fear

and cruelty, gluttony and cowardice, credulity provide moral support.

- People only tell us interesting information as we contradict them.

- Every step forward in the development of thought and morals is immoral, yet he has not received the recognition of the majority.Therefore, it i

s essential to protect jealously immorality from the attacks of those who have only one measure - custom.

- Give women the right to vote, and in five years will be taxed bachelors bonded tax.

- Democracy can not be above the level of human material from which made up her voters.If you start with a self-sacrifice for the sake of those you love, you end up with hatred for those who sacrificed themselves.

- Objections to progress always amounted to accusations of immorality.

- Beauty bored after three days no less than a virtue.

- Healthy Nation just does not notice his nationality as a healthy person - the spine.

- Nothing in the world is not so offensive as impeccable courtesy to those with whom he was before on the short leg.

- A man who all his life loved a woman, should be sent to the doctor, and perhaps to the gallows.

- The point of view that a believer is happier than an atheist, just as absurd as the widespread belief that a drunken man happier than a sober.

- Reputation - is a mask that a person has to wear the same way as the pants or jacket.

- And the one who kills the king, and the one who gives him life - equally idolaters.

- Only a fool can celebrate the years of death approaches.

- The punishment of the liar is not the fact that he no longer believes, but that he more than anyone can believe.

- Why is what the world is that people who are able to live happily, there is never money, and those who have money are found to have no idea what it means to "live it up"?

- Education of men or women is tested by how they behave during an argument.

- The most unpardonable sin against his neighbor - is not hate, but indifference.Indifference - the essence of inhumanity.

- In life there are two tragedies.One - not to enforce their innermost desires.The second - to achieve.

- Beware of those who have not responded to your punch.

- Youth, wow that does not forgive, all is forgiven, and old age, which forgives itself everything, is forgiven nothing.

-The ones who can do that, who can not - he teaches.

- If my neighbor beats his wife every day, and I - never, in the light of the statistics we both beat his wife the next day.

- Women somehow immediately guess, with whom we are willing to change them.Sometimes even before it comes to our mind.

- There is not a woman who would be able to say "goodbye" less than thirty words.

- No man can not be a specialist without having to be an idiot in the broadest sense.The narrow specialist learns more and more about less and so as long as there is to know everything about nothing and nothing about everything.

- When a man wants to murder a tiger he calls it sport

when the tiger wants to kill him, the man calls it bloodthirstiness.The difference between crime and justice no more.

- Murder - this is an extreme form of censorship.

- Freedom - is responsible.That's why its so afraid.

- Do not do to others what you would like them to do for you.You may have different tastes.

- If the people hit in religion, then he is willing to endure more.

- The only lesson to be learned from history is that people do not derive any lessons from history.

- The need for women - to marry as soon as possible, the need for men - not to marry until enough forces.

- Beauty bored after three days no less than a virtue.

- People tell us interesting information as we contradict them.

Bernard Shaw About Me:

- Typical Irish: My family comes from Hampshire in England, and my oldest ancestor who settled in Ireland in 1689, was by birth a Scot.

- Like any Irishman, I do not like the Irish.

- I became a freethinker before learned to think.

- The fact that now I'm a freelance artist, does not mean that I never tried to make a living by honest labor.

- I is an unfortunate example of what a drunken worker is no better than a drunken drunkard.I have nothing in the world so I am not afraid, as the weekend.

- My fame grew with each of my failure.

- inconstancy of women, in which I was in love, redeemed unless the infernal constancy of the women in love with me.

- Of the two lengthwise: the proportion of female and male maternity permanent - eternal childhood, I, I think I prefer men.

- I often quote myself.This gives the sharpness of my talk.

- With me happened any event, on the contrary, I have been very event.

- Few thinks more than two or three times a year.I became world famous thanks to the fact that the idea once or twice a week.

- My readers constantly complain that I allowed for them is not all the world's problems.

- If I had not known for their intelligence, what would I do after seventy?