Are you envious ?

is unlikely someone admits that he envies, moreover, this sense of poisons life and causes to suffer.But alone with myself and can say the truth just to try and get rid of this feeling.

Try to pass the proposed test and make appropriate conclusions.It will be interesting!

Test Questions:

1. Girlfriend shows off a new dress that sits on it magnificently.You:

- You say that it is her look fat (A).

- recognizes that too such like (B).

- sincerely admire (C).

2. You have a rich relative died, but his legacy he left is not for you.You:

- Remind them that God had to share (B).

- to challenge the will in court (A).

- Well, it was his will (C).

Z. At the party, you will notice that all of us dressed in evening gowns and only you - in a suit.Your feelings:

- Nothing, I'm not in a bathrobe (C).

- Uncomfortable, all so beautiful (B).

- Awful, do not like to be the worst of all (A).

4. What do you think the phrase "Money - it's allĀ» ?

- That's right (A).

- Health and happiness of loved

ones - that is more important than (C).

- Money is not important, but they can not live without (B).

5. Do you think the deputy envy?

- Yes, of course (A).

- One or two there (B).

- I did not think about it (C).

6. A friend offers to organize a joint business:

- What, suddenly you get?(C)

- Risky, friendship may suffer (B).

- I'll try one: nobody will not to be (A).

7. Husband puts your girlfriend you an example.You:

- angered (B).

- tell him about a friend a couple of unseemly episodes (A).

- admit that you have something to strive for (C).

8. A friend complains: someone is always pierces the wheel of her car.You think:

- So her aristocrat, right!(A)

- It is necessary to track who is doing (B).

- poor, as she had been saving for this machine (C).

test results:

For each answer A put 5 points , for the answer B - 3 points , for the answer C - 1 point .Calculate the accumulated points.

- If you from 8 to 18 points - you absolutely do not have a sense of envy.You - a confident person and are able to perceive the achievement of peace and others, and their loved ones.You are ready to support them in difficult times, and sincerely rejoice in their success.However, your unenvious may be the reason for someone else's envy.In order not to be under the gun malevolent eye, not too bulge their success.

- If you from 19 to 29 points , the stories about alien welfare is certainly not the way you will beat out from under their feet and make you not sleep at night, tormented by the question, for which she so lucky?But sometimes you do find yourself thinking: "I would be so" Try to control such feelings.Surely the object of your envy of a lot of work before reaching success.Do not forget, you also can not get smaller.

- If you from 30 to 40 points , then you are not able to hide his jealousy, and did not consider it necessary.Therefore, the surrounding feel uncomfortable around you, afraid to touch your sore.A vulnerable points you very much!Try to pull yourself together and calm attitude to someone else's good fortune, because envy prevents sanity: it exaggerates achievements of others, and the slightest error gives a loud name.