Do you know each other?

The more you know about your favorite man - until he loves a sandwich spread, - the closer you are to each other.The process of recognition is already creating a sense of intimacy.And to see how you can move forward in the process of recognition, you need to pass the test.

Test Questions:

1. maiden name of his (her mother)

2. His (her) nickname in childhood

3. What subject him (her) do not like the Institute (Technical School, College)

4. What a spectacular sport to him (her) like most

5. What would he (she) liked best dessert

6. With what he (she) like most pizza

7. Which actresshe (she) do not like

8. Give him (her) favorite film

9. What television advertising makes him (her) greatest irritation

10. his (her) favorite television program

11. mostleast favorite holiday

12. What's his (her) favorite color

13. Call the number of his (her) passport

14. What's his (her) phone number at work

15. What's his (her) growth

16. How many children he (she) would like to have

17. Where he (she) would like to go on vacation

18. which sport (s) he would like to learn

19. What kind of car he (she) wants to

20. I would like him (her) to have a (private) house

21. Plans to whether he wants (it) to change their job

the questions of this test you must answer together.And just in case, if both answer correctly, you earn points.With our test you a new look at your relationship.

test results:

Each correct (matching response) write yourself two points.

40-50 points

Congratulations!You are the leader in the relationship between themselves and worked hard over to get to know each other.Your pair - just an example of proximity.

30-40 points

You pretty well - you will learn more of each other.Continue to search for the little treasures that still lurk in your partner.

20-30 points

you have laid a solid foundation for their relationship.Continue to build your overall "construction site."

least 20 points

surprises you still waiting.We advise to choose the evening time to calmly sit down and play a "guessing game" about each other.