Do you suffer from excessive suspiciousness

To find out if you do not suffer too much suspicion in relation to a partner, you need to pass the test.

Test Questions:

1. you do not know where your favorites are at the moment:
a) you do not care and you will almost never ask what he was doing
b) you are interested in is usually wherehe was, but not because of fear of betrayal
c) to eliminate the possibility of betrayal, you can always ask in detail, where and with whom he was.

2. When you have the opportunity to test the mobile partner, you:
a) and you would never read his SMS-ki
b) does not read SMS-ki of
delicacy in) will certainly examine his correspondence.

3. You know, they were intimate with others until you have a partner:
a) are not interested and do not bother you
b) you do not like, but you do not discuss it (which was then passed)
c) is terribly annoying you, makes suspect and jealous.

4. you know that you should change:
a) you are not deadly, wait, when he will tell all
b) if he asks for forgiveness, forgive -ve

d future this will not happen in
) will not forget and do notsorry, can not throw it, but watch him start.

5. If you had the chance to change the partner, you:
a) it would be if you wanted
b) benefited would have done anything to keep
faithfulness) can not guarantee anything, but her husband would not forgive infidelity.

6. In your opinion, fidelity:
a) is not the most important thing, it is more important not to disturb the mutual freedom
b) is important, it should keep both partners in
) is required and none of the partners can not give rise to doubt it.

test results

you do not attach importance to such a concept as loyalty, it is for you does not mean anything.This prevents deep set with a partner and a stable relationship.

you attach great importance to loyalty enough, but do not fall into the pathological, morbid jealousy.

if most responses "»
loyalty to you - a matter of life and death.Caution: unbridled jealousy can destroy the most tender feelings.But your suspicions might be unfounded.Learn to control yourself!