WHAT YOU marriage partner ?

This "serious" test - for men only.For each question, select the most suitable option for you to answer and find out what kind of partner you are married actually.

Questions test

1. What is your opinion about marriage?

a) You'd better ask my wife;(1 point)

b) the marriage bond for me like chains;(3 points)

c) Only happiness can be attained in a marriage.(2 points)

2. What is your opinion about the engagement?

a) Engagement - a good thing, but very staromod¬noe;(9 points)

b) It is - the best time of love;(8 points)

c) It seems to me silly to arrange the engagement.(7 points)

3. What do you think about fidelity in marriage?

a) Is it necessary today?(3 points)

b) The marriage must be mutual trust;(4 points)

c) Marriage without allegiance has no meaning.(5 points)

4. Decided to divorce you?

a) In no case;(7 points)

b) It is better to divorce than hell;(5 points)

c) I am not able to answer this question.(6 points)

5. What do you think about love?

a) Without it, life

would be empty;(8 points)

b) once harbored illusions about love, but now ... (7 points)

c) I still have not experienced this feeling.(6 points)

6. What is your view on the financial problems in the family?

a) Cashier must be shared, regardless of who gets how much;(8 points)

b) Finance should manage wife;(6 points)

c) the husband must keep score money.(4 points)

7. It's nice if you, when your wife greets you with a kiss?

a) What kind of question ?!(6 points)

b) Depending on the circumstances;(7 points)

in) can do without it.(8 points)

8. How do you prefer to spend your vacation?

a) A;(5 points)

b) Always with his family;(3 points)

c) Part of the holiday - with his family, and some - one.(2 points)

9. How many children would you like to have?

a) three, four;(3 points)

b) boys and girls;(1 point)

in) Just one.(2 points)

10. What do you think about the mother-in?

a) I respect her and listen to her advice;(4 points)

b) wife's mother - an indispensable assistant in the family;(2 points)

c) talk too much.(3 points)

Summarize the test results obtained scores.If you scored:

- 34, 39, 47, 54 points - you arranged your life in such a way as deemed necessary, according to your taste, without taking into account the interests of his wife.

- 40, 48, 52, 57, 58 points - you - a good partner, you have a happy marriage, but, of course, a certain credit for this belongs to your wife.

- 35, 38, 45, 50, 56 points - "Invest" is more rational in their actions.

- 37, 42, 51, 53, 59 points - you petty, and your marriage is suffering because you do not always coordinate their actions with his wife.

- 36, 41, 46, 49 points - Is it too tough you?Try to change, and your life will become more pleasant.