How do you build relationships with colleagues ?

For the working person communication with colleagues often takes much longer than even chat with friends or family.That is why it is so important to relationships at work were comfortable and, if not pleasant, then, at least, do not cause inconvenience and not to drive into a depression.This is important not only for a good mood, high performance, but also for the career.

To understand why it is so and not otherwise add up your relationship with your colleagues, try to answer the test questions and see the results.

Test Questions:

1. Are you seeking criticizing, erring senses or "whip" them to continue to teach it?

2. Do you need full control of everything happening in your organization?

3. Do you require that almost all activities have received your "visa"?

4. Is it too time-consuming your speeches at the meetings?

5. Do you wont inherent recklessly attack the opponents to challenge their arguments?

6. Do you feel the need to argue?Do you quickly slipping into the dispute in any discussion?

7. Avoid surrounding whether to discuss their ideas with you?

8. And if you are discussing is not whether they are talking from the beginning in a defensive or attacking key?

9. It is important to you whether external symbols of high status and power?

10. Do you avoid responsibility in case of failure at any cost?

11. Willingly or not you go on giving to others the same privilege or power symbols, which possess themselves?

12. Not too often do you use the pronoun "I", telling about their activities?

13. Admired whether subordinate your determination and skills, or the fact that your organization and with your support, they can be determined and constantly improve their skills?

14. Do you feel bitter and disappointed that people say about you, and restrained with a chill, then how do you really want them to love you?

15. Do you find yourself certainly more competent than your peers and managers?Are you implying they it by their behavior?

test results:

• If you answered yes to at least three of the fifteen questions, then it is possible that some "rough" the brink of your character is very painful perceived by others.

• If you are given six positive responses, it is very likely that your relationship with your colleagues more intense than you would like.

• On a larger number of "yes" and say nothing.It is only necessary to emphasize that a positive answer to any of these questions still about what does not testify.Only together they outline the profile of "rough" person.