As Raoul Le Boucher " defeated " Ivan Poddubny

In 1903, the famous Russian athlete Ivan Poddubny went to the world championship against the French, which was held in Paris.In the event of profit 130 athletes from around the world.Despite the fact that for Poddubny it was the first World Cup, he had a good chance of winning.

tournament for the Russians began to take shape well, he confidently won eleven consecutive victories.In the twelfth match he had a meeting with the French fighter Raul Myussonom nicknamed "Le Boucher '(The Butcher).Twenty athlete was the favorite of Parisian lovers struggle.His career he began at the age of thirteen and quickly became popular in the wrestling world.Raul left his job in a butcher's shop and became a professional wrestler.

Frenchman was 12 years younger than his opponent, with the growth of 188 centimeters and a weight of 120 kilograms, he has tremendous power, with different speed and dexterity.But to give the young Frenchman Poddubny clearly not going to.

A few minutes after the start of the fight hands of Iv

an suddenly began to slide on the body of Raoul Le Boucher.Parisian easily pulled out from the mighty jaws poddubny.Ivan Maksimovic appealed to the judges, saying that his opponent oiled.Referees inspected the French fighter, and acknowledged that his body is covered with really oily sweat.It turned out that Le Boucher smeared themselves with olive oil.

Surprisingly, the battle continued.The arbitrators have taken a truly "Solomonic" solution: every 5 minutes to stop the fight and wipe dry with a French fighter.But oil is again acted together with sweat.

So managed to "slippery" Raoul Le Boucher to survive until the end of the bout.It may seem strange, but that he was recognized a winner "for the beautiful drifts of devices."

Russian athletic company sent Raul offer to meet again with Poddubny, promising in case of winning the prize 10 000 francs.But the one here was able to escape from re-match delicately refused.

However, the fighters met a year later at the next world championship in St. Petersburg.Revenge was brutal - Russian wrestler 42 minutes kept the opponent in the knee-elbow position, the whistling and hooting audience is over Le Bouchet not pity the judges.

Life Raoul Le Boucher ended tragically.While touring Ivana Maksimovic in Italy, de Bush "ordered" Poddubny local bandits.This collusion overheard another French fighter - Aimable de la Calmette, and was killed on the spot.But Poddubny bandits simply scattered.And, although "work" remained unfulfilled, the bandits began to demand from the customer payment.He refused to pay, for which he received a mortal blow on the head with a rubber truncheon.The public, it was announced that Raul de Boucher died from meningitis.He was barely 24 years old.