Jokes about blondes

* * *

Blondes talk:

- What do you think, why put the helicopter propeller so big?

- Are you the same fan, it is necessary to ensure that the pilot did not sweat!

- Nonsense!You're kidding me!

- No, not nonsense.I recently flew by helicopter.So just before the landing, almost to the ground, the propeller suddenly stopped and took a spin!You should have seen how the pilot was sweating immediately!

* * *

A man sits and drinks in a very dark bar.He leans to the big blonde on a nearby chair and said:

- Want to hear a funny joke about blondes?The blonde replies:

- You should consider this well before I tell such jokes.I - blond, 188 cm in height, 94 kg weight, professionally engaged in triathlon and bodybuilding.My neighbor - the same blond, 185 cm, 97 kg - a professional wrestler in wrestling, and her neighbor - blond, 190 cm, 103 kg - a pro in Thai boxing.Since you are going to tell a joke?The man thought a moment and said:

- If I have to explain it three times - then no.

* * *

It should be on the road BMW and will not start.Behind all the cars honking.From BMW goes chic blonde, goes to the back of the machine and the driver said:

- Young man, look what I have with the car, and I do for you pobibikayu.

* * *

Blonde rides next to a farm in his car.On reaching the farmer asks:

- Why do your cow no horns?

- Uh ... cattle could harm their horns.Here we have them and Cut down.Sometimes we also use acid for this purpose.In general, many breeds of cattle especially deduced hornless.But the main reason why in this cow no horns - it's a horse.

* * *

Stuck in an elevator blonde and brunette.Brunette screaming

- Help, help!


- Help, help!


- Let's shout together, so we will hear soon.


- Together, together, together!

* * *

blonde came to the casino, took all the money chips, and puts all the right roulette to the number 23. The ball dropped to number 23, she again puts everything to the number 23, the dealer says:

-Just dropped out number 23, there is little chance it will fall again.She still puts and again wins.Puts back to the same 23 number, the dealer says, they say, can not be to fell again, she put all the casinos ... ravaged my number 23.

Suitable administrator:

- Tell me, how so, how such luck.


- You know, I arrived in this city flight number 7, in the hotel I lived in a room 7, when went to the casino in a taxi, the long waited and stopped only 7th machine, and then I decided thatit is a sign to me.


- And where is number 23 ?!

Blonde (surprise:..

- How well did 7 times 3 is not 23 !?

* * *

Lenin Library Reading hall silence, doctors and professors write dissertations Here in the hall.comes pretty blonde, is coming to the librarian and said loudly:

- Give me, please, hamburger, potato and cola

Librarian (shocked) in a low voice: - Girl !!! It's library

girl whisper:


- Op, I'm sorry, I'm a hamburger, potatoes and cola ...

* * *

Blonde draws loan from a bank manager:.

- where the amount of write words


- what is it?


- letters


- Young man, you are in my mind as I write letters, numbers

* * *

- How blonde rides on a flashing red light?

- will pass.Stop.It will pass.Stop ...

* * *

Blonde morning gets up and goes to the window.The husband asks:

- What is the weather today?

- How can I see?There's a wall of rain, nothing to see!

* * *

blonde calls her friend:

- Urgently come to me - such a show.

An hour later a friend calls at the door, she opens up, pulls her hand inside:

- See ... Turns out the light throughout the apartment:

- Do you know where the light go?

- No-oo.

leads her by the hand full of dark apartment to the kitchen and opens the refrigerator ...

- Look !!!